Look up and lift up your heads for your redemption is near

Honestly, I can not ignore the death point of the world these days. Who does not? I can not keep my ears and eyes closed all the time. We are sent to a fire mission, a lost and broken world. We accepted without knowing it from the moment of kicking mum’s belly, hurrying to the world of the unknown. That does not mean we are left alone, if we are here, it is because of a fight- not a human one- but learning to know who is the owner of the mission.

It is enough looking at people; let’s look up and lift up our heads for our redemption is near; one day, we will see the end of all this sickness and misery soon, we all will be in peace with heavenly Father. Just look up, and everything will take place in its own time; ‘the time owner’ told us, ‘lift up our heads in all challenges of seeing the world in and around us.

Make a wish and look up as you lift your heads up- a perfect redemption is near

There is one star blinking at you; who knows, it might be the angel of heaven giving a message of love, like no other time in whole your life. Two things you need to do more often, stand and look up in the open outside and lift up your heads. When you look up, close your eyes for a moment and picture the perfect image of heaven where is no sickness, no pain, no sin, no cry, no struggle, imagine that. You are in the perfect love of God, forever, loved by your heavenly Father. Amen. What a beautiful thought? 🙂

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh



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