The Habit of going(as usual)to the Mount of Olives

“Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives.”

When I was reading this verse, something stood out for me. ‘As usual ‘ – Perhaps Jesus was doing over and over, again and again. This was a good habit of meeting with Father. This is a prayer time, which we need to pick up the good practice of the mount of olives meetings. If we look out carefully to the scripture of the new testament where Jesus went, what Jesus did and said, How Jesus healed, we can easily pick up the daily activity of Jesus. One of the most important of them was meeting with the Father, alone and away from the distractions.

I need to have this in 2022; I need to have it every day, away from any news, any distraction – perhaps I need to find my ‘mount of olives’ place where I can cry out, tell what is in my heart – to be healed and receive strength from the Father. I need not be tired to meet, again and again.

I need to go as usual to the mount of olives which I can smell the fresh fruit of olives on the trees – and where I can see God’s miracle stir within me.

Am I ready to pour out my heart as usual and not give up like Jesus? I need Jesus to tear off my all doubts, as usual, draw close to Him as he never let me go.
The year 2022 might be scary; it might be the story of many things -but I never let go of the habit of going to the mount of olives in Joy and tribulation. I have a lot to say to Jesus. Where is your Mount of Olive’s place? Are you going to take the habit of going to him?

As usual, it is not old and broken – it means as fresh as always I receive a new fruit from the tree.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh



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