God loves the heavens and the earth

We went through the peaceful bliss countryside of the central coast. The birds were cheerful, and the landscape looked awesome. During this short trip to lake , I saw rain, sun and frown cloudy weather that followed us on the way back home.

The lake was a few boat seating and sleeping on water. Like a taxi stand, the boats stayed there the whole time; they were speechless gorgeous, especially when we’re the sunset and rainbow behind them made sense; it was like a paint, an absolute beauty in front of our cabin house.

What a wonderful place, a group of 80 pacific black ducks, leads you to the nearby lake where you can walk on the jetty and feed them while watching the quietness of the place. There was no rush of daily routine anymore; you do nothing or let the time swap you with its changes. With a few looks, it could take your heart and mind away.

You could hear the ducks are singing at night. I could almost hear the wild noise around. What God made is beautiful, day and night – the City life stole the nature of God from me. I reconnected and prayed and let the faith takes its place by knowing him by the work of his hands. My errors and shortcomings are nothing compared to his glory; imagine the galaxies. Do we know how big our God is? I have no idea, don’t ask me. Who made the heavens and the earth? I stand in awe of God again, and my eyes will burn when I see his Majesty; who am I to reflect his beauty? His story is written in heaven. The birds, nature, galaxies, and the earth all within and out are his kind act. If you go to a near quietness beauty of nature, you can see your God’s big. Just do it and learn from it. I just learnt that God is good to everyone; he even takes care of all His creation. I can see how much God loved his creation as in the beginning; He created the heavens and the earth. If He loves the heavens and the earth , for sure, He loves us more.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh



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