Let Jesus Take Care of You

You know summer in Sydney is hot-hot normally, but summer is a very interesting one this year. I was singing along, “Spring rain you are welcome to come in summer, rain rain rain “this evening. I am like a farmer happy to see the rain, although it forced all of us to stay indoors. It was a productive reading day for me –finishing off “the pursuit of Holiness” by Jerry Bridges ( see my previous post about the review) , borrowing my fav tech life magazine from the local library plus reserving another book and plus I read 30 per cent of an ebook from James Allen, “As a Man Thinketh “to be honest it is very good one , I am going to post a separate post in regards that. Oh, What a day! Are you watching the Olympic games? Australia’s team is doing not too bad. We should win more gold, but we are happy.

Hey, this is me and welcome to my personal blog. My average daily running is 5km. I stopped running for the first three weeks of this year as I fell sick with Covid exactly before new year’s eve. As my strength backed and I slowly recovered, I felt the courage to lace up my shoes and go for a short run, but truly I was weak, and covid took its toll on me; by the grace of Jesus, I was healed in 30 days totally. I could run freely for 10km and more. Thank God 🙂 It’s enough talking about me.

I hope you are coping and keep your heads up in all waves of life. It is interesting how life changes rapidly – but we, as an army of Lord Jesus, are still on the ground and pray for each corner of this world, for the people in it, for the hearts to change.
For us to be alive and revived with the glory of God is a breathing fact. Perhaps I am writing this article, at this very moment, hitting on the letters on my laptop’s keyboard, searching in, finding the words to express my inner world to you. The fact is, we all have an inner world – which we allow in? What do we allow to influence? All I know is we need praiseworthy, beautiful gratitude in our hearts. For example, I just came to know a lovely Christian pharmacies friend whose 42-year-old son had cancer; she just told me the news about her son as I went to pick up my parents’ prescription at the pharmacy. Her son passed away a few weeks ago; she was full of faith, it came she was encouraging me about “FAITH”, “HOPE”, she said “I know he is in a safe place”, she is a beautiful mother, a sister for many around her, I was encouraged as the tears kept in her eyes. It is all because her inner world was for Jesus. How can it be? When Jesus comes into your world, your eyes will open wide, oh the struggle is there – but you see the beauty in everything, you let Jesus take care of everything as He is the captain of your boat.

Let Jesus take care of you and your inner world.

I know that you are fantastic and looking forward to a bright future. Take care of your inner world, don’t look back and meditate on the word of God and let the Holy Spirit speak to you and your world. Your world is beautiful with Jesus.

Thanks, friend.

Dariush Youkhaneh


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