Happy Nowruz/ Persian New Year – the year 1401.

I remember we must sort out seven specific things on a table with a goldfish in a small glass tank – looking at the goldfish and the greens at the time of changing year to bring happiness and goodness. It is a tradition- An old Persian celebration entering into the new year. However, as Christians, we picked the Bible verses and read them when entering into the new year. It is a changing season – from the Winter to the Spring. Everything changes – everyone getting dressed in new and fresh and nice clothes and visiting their homes with a sweet cook they made it- having a meal of laugh and chat. What a moment? What a visit?

Grandma, Grandpa and all family gather under one roof and enjoy spending the time together – nothing compares. That’s what God loves, TOGETHERNESS. 

It is a new year- we must have fun, eat a traditional meal as a family, enjoy seeing each other homes, and give a small gift to the younger one! And the late-night chat is un-missable! The sound of Joy comes from every household around any street you visit during this time.

Nowruz is a time of thankfulness for me _ and I always thank God for what he has done and what he hasn’t done (because of his wisdom).

I thank God for my health and my salvation.

I thank God for my family and their health and joy.

I thank God for everything is in his control.

I thank God that another year has passed with his goodness. 

I thank God for the past, present and future.

I thank God for what I have and the blessing ahead

I thank God for my friends here and there 

I thank God for the city and country I live

I thank God for His glory and His faithfulness towards me and others

I thank God for answered and unanswered prayers 

and I thank God for you- yes, You that reading this post that God bless your heart and life and give your heart’s desire according to his gracious grace.


Let this year be the year of God’s hands more in our life, and trust in his plan more and more.

Happy Nowruz – 1401 Persian New Year to All.


Your Friend

Dariush Youkhaneh



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