WaterWalk challenge/ donate for vulnerable children

Hi friends. 👋 I am grateful you are here again and reading this post. I remember where we lived, our clean water access was very hard, and I feel a bit the pain of getting access to the clean water, especially for little children. My mum used to go to the well on a winter cold day to bring us water, just because we’ve been little and needed clean water.

My heart is towards millions of children walking a long distance to find clean water. That is why I am here, me and you may not reach to million, but one child at a time. The UNICEF organisation can assist those in behalf of us. With your little donation, you make a huge difference in the life of those little ones and their little ones. Apostle Paul says to Colossians people as we read in chapter one that doing charity and good to people is part of the plan of God in our life. It does not matter where you are now, all need is your heart of generosity, God sees it and honours that.

The below is my foundrsing page:


I am fundraising for UNICEF Australia’s #WaterWalk because I believe no child should spend their childhood walking for clean water.

2.1 billion people lack access to safe water across the 🌏. Without this basic necessity, the lives of millions of children remain at risk. Tragically, 800 children under the age of five die from easily preventable waterborne diseases every day.

In crisis-affected areas like Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan, infrastructure can be damaged and children living in these areas often have to walk hours daily in search of clean water.

I’m taking on the #WaterWalk to help end their search for water.

With your support, UNICEF will be able to install and repair water infrastructure in the area, bring water in trucks to children living in remote places and provide water purification tablets to families. Please help me contribute to UNICEF’s work by donating what you can. Every little bit helps and is very much appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

By all means, if you can’t donate via card, please donate via below PayPal, I’ll update and transfer it to the UNICEF fundraising WaterWalk challenge and let you know.


I am walking 7km for 7 days. As those children do when searching for clean water.

Thanks again for investing in what most matters. Helping Children.

God bless you dear

Dariush Youkhaneh

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