What Does Compassion Mean to You?

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I know you are in a different season, but I know from hearing friends around the world that your weather is a bit bizarre compared to last year. As we think about the weather here, other humans from another world are still in war and difficulty. As 25 days have passed in Autumn in Sydney, the weather is getting colder each day towards winter. So, unpredictable, so not knowing what would be the weather like today or tomorrow.
I was thinking about what happened recently for some churches’ top leaders.
The fundamental matter for every Christian worldwide when they are attending a church is not to rely on their leaders but Jesus as the head of the Church. Yes, they carefully get consulted if needed but know that they are only be chosen to lead The Body of Christ. So have this that the leaders are human and may fall as us. They are not God, and they won’t be God. Only God, Himself, through His Son Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, to be praised.
God can change us; He can improve our lives every single day. He is the true shepherd that can lead the sheep to the right destination. The humans ( inside and outside of the Church ) may disappoint us, but God never let us down. Our goodness, kindness, generosity won’t save us, won’t help us to reach Jesus, but only Believe and Faith in Him. Our good acts are truly showing we are the disciple of God, but they won’t save us – we are looking to be in heaven with Jesus; for this very reason, we do not let the law rule our hearts but Jesus himself.
Suppose I want a diet plan today. I restrict my eating way, day and night until my body accepts the way of my eating habits. In the same way, I can discipline my belief to take what is true and right; although it would be difficult from the beginning, once my spiritual body formed that way, it will get what is right and wrong. You know what food you are allergic to or sensitive to, and also know what is good for your soul and what is not.
Helping others is a heart of compassion and humanity. Having a kind and compassionate heart comes from God who made you this way, and He loves to show his kindness towards everyone, anywhere.
The below statement might help us all. So I empower myself, and I mirror it to myself not to condemn but to love :
I’ll stand to what is right and truth
I’ll view others with kindness and a compassionate heart regardless
I’ll love them with a true heavenly heart, expecting nothing less and more
I’ll help myself and others to know what it means to be human
I’ll forgive myself for my/others mistakes, and I accept I am a human and need a saviour every minute of my life.

Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore, he will rise up to show you compassion. For the LORD is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him! Isaiah 30:18

What Does Compassion Mean to You?

Your Friend

Dariush Youkaneh


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