April, let the change come

When April comes we met falling leaves on the ground. As the trees cry with the colour of yellow, we tempt to be kinder in our hearts as the weather gets colder.

In April, we should let our ugly things fall with the leaves 🍂, and wait like a farmer to harvest the new crop. A new green of us, can grow and no remembering of our old self. When we are green, then we are young to take the new challenges and our memory is ready to record 🎥 a fun new season of life.

In this season, we should learn to trust God more. Take a small step 🚶 further and let our fears go with the wind of autumn. Unforgiveness should have no place in us, instead, we let beautiful butterflies’ love creates pure hearts in us. We should get the true meaning of the season, by simply walking on the fallen leaves 🍂 and seeing the change is on the way. Not only outwardly, but inwardly. I look forward to seeing the new things within and out there.

In April, I am healed. With a new medicine of change. God hugging me and warming me with a love of the month.

In April, I am loved. With a heart ❤️ that gives a signal of light and kiss.

In April, where my God died and rose, that makes it special and unique. A new life was offered to my dead body. I am forever thankful. Forever and ever that I can experience life in April and the seasons ahead.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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