Pray for the believers, leaders, Ordinary people, countries and the planet’s earth

It is so heavy!

I can not express how heavy the burden of these days.

Our world is broken.

And still, EGO won’t leave us.

But- Healing is on the way!

Father God, I pray for the oppressed believers and the Church around the globe, for the ordinary people. I especially pray for the leaders and the pastors you anointed to be at the front line, Lord. Strengthen them with the power of the Holy Spirit so that they can stand firm in all adversities. We need you more than before, Lord. We need you to take over, we are weak, and we tried to rely on the system and the discipline we put in place. No Lord that won’t work if you are not there; if you are not with us, we have nothing; we can offer zero without you.
Father, here I list a few nations as I heard that the battle is going on:
1- Iran
2- Nigeria
3- India
4- Srilanka
5- China
5- Ukraine
6- Australia
7- Russia
8- North Korea
9- Pakistan
10- Indonesia
11- Malaysia
12- USA
Lord, I have nothing to say – you not only know the above list, but you are also working for your kingdom. I am limited, I am short to see- oh Lord almighty our God, you see everything, you are the Alpha and the Omega, who we are to tell you what to do and what not! We are just bringing our pains and sorrows and injustices to you! Would you hear us? I recall your faithfulness, I recall your kindness, I recall your mighty hand of deliverance, heal us our living land.
Haven’t you called us your children? You are our advocator; you are our healer – We trust in you, Son of Man, our true shepherd. We need your comfort; we need your presence and peace for all your people, which are dispersed across your planet earth.
So we stand on the rock and pray for people continuously. Do a favour and rescue your people again. You complete our joy, Do a favour again and return early, Do a favour again and shut the enemy’s mouth!
Oh Jesus- How could we forget who you are? How could you leave us in pain? You never leave us or forsake us – our Messiah! Never. See the eyes of tears, see the flowers are fading, see the sheep are running away…
Wipe our sin away with your Blood again; repentance is not too far from our hearts and lips, We sit at your presence and receive that all we need! Could you speak with us again? Could you allow us to stay?

Dear friend, As you prayed, please pray for your country. I know the list goes on and on. Add your country in the comment that I and everyone can have a prayer over – for the leaders, the Church, people, families, cities….
Our God can hear; he has ears. Our Jesus can see; he has eyes.

Your friend
Dariush Youkhaneh



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