Imagine an eternal life!

We came into this unknown world; a world smiled at us first; later, we realised so many troubles need to be experienced. I am here by grace, not by my strength or power. We are humans looking for the answers always. Those stranges pondering around to find new things. The problem is not the world; the problem is when we think the place we are living right now is our permanent place. It shouldn’t be that way; this temporal world of ours needs to be treated the way as carnal. Keep it in your secret prayer of salvation, a song that may rescue you from the binding of difficulties in and around you. Who knows? You may find a way; no one else saw that before? You may have access to abundant life after death!

Imagine an eternal life!

Imagine a place there is no pain anymore! Where you can fly freely with your own wings. Imagine a world with no time limitations, no night and darkness.

I was thinking about this, and I opened a few chapters of the gospel to see what could I find. Interestingly Apostle John said, ” ..believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know you have eternal life.” Isn’t believing a fundamental mystery for us to enter eternal life? Not only to enter eternal life but also to know that there is eternal life ( you may know)! So what is the opposite of eternal life? That’s right! Carnal life. We can not enter with our current bodies into eternal life, and a change is needed! We need a change! We need a new set of clothes to wear. We need to think about eternal life and be ready for that day.

So as we are getting old every day. Those things of heaven are getting more interested because we know our chapter will be closed on earth one day. We don’t lose anything. We believe. Instead, we secure and confess there is a life after this one; we wait to reach there. As you prepare your last journey backpack, why not add faith to it? Imagine an eternal life. What do we need to do to enter eternal life then? Nothing, believe in Jesus Christ and his lordship over our lives. Then, we don’t miss the boat. Then, we all are together – walking and enjoying eternal life with God.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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