Keep Trusting God

Friend, I am so happy to come here and type a few words of encouragement for us. Hey, I was a bit on and off as my laptop’s keyboard was broken. Yes, I have bought a new keyboard, and I repaired it myself. Thank you, you are still following the post here. I am truly blessed, especially those followers week in and out, supporting this blog. Every visit of you boosts my energy double and keeps me going. Please continue to come. I love to hear from you. Don’t leave the blog fast, hang around a little, search for content and leave a comment. You know how much I want to hear from you. I do not know you, But God does. And this is all the matter. Let the dust off and get up for a new beginning.
How strange are the days? Awful things are happening around us and we can do nothing to stop them. Perhaps, I am thinking our job is not to stop the bad events., this is out of our control, but we can do our part to prevent those out-of-control things around, at least a little. We remember God has the power to change things suddenly. We do what we can, the rest (and important) part lets God take control. I am so overwhelmed by God sometimes. Other times, I am speechless with His wonder. I ask God, How did you do that? And He takes me to Himself again and says ” I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life..” /John 14:6.

Here is my point: in every broken end, God can help. At the lowest point, God can help. In the worst and death valley, God can rescue. I and your situation does not have the authority to lower God’s Power in our life. He is able. He is God. He is heaven’s perfume. No one can separate you from God. The good shepherd is always willing to help.

As I am happy back to writing-habit again. I just want to know what topic you like to read more. What books are you reading, or what books have you read in the past three months?
This is the promise of God for you:
” For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” / Jeremiah 29:11.

Dear friend, You are always in my prayer. Let me remind you that, YOU are LOVED and a precious person of God. He created you for such a time. Be you and confidence – and Let the crazy world know – The One in You is greater than the one out there.

Father God, I say thank you to those reading this post right now. Thank you for that you love them, each one of them. You know them by name. Lord, let your light shine upon their way – and they may know you, the true God. Who sent His only begotten Son to our broken world to save? Thank you, Jesus, you brought peace to us. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for leading us. Keep us safe and strong. In your Name- Amen.

Your friend
Dariush Youkhaneh

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  1. Thank you for your encouraging thoughts and the wonderful scriptures, Dariush. Your life is filled with God’s hope! There have been three mass shootings in my country during this past month. This has caused many to fear for the future.

    “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, and love, and a sound mind.”

    His richest blessings to you, brother!

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    1. Thanks so much David, brother. Yes , we are hearing this evils act from the news. I love the verse you mentioned. We have the spirit of power not fear. We have the spirit of love not fear. We have thr spirit of sound mind and truth not fear. As I was reading my devotion I came to encourage you specifically, the two words came to tell you, endurance and patiance. From Hebrew 12. Fix your eyes on Jesus. This happen when the nation forgotten what God has done for them. Forgotten to worship the one and only true God , Jesus Christ who came to rescue us. Truly , I cry out to God , please help the nations. Please help the people. Truly , asking God to equipe his Sons and Daghters of light on earth to complete their missions and win more souls for the kingdom of God. Sometimes, I say “God how strong you are?, you see all these bloods sheds an d you act nothing ? When are you coming?”
      God help us all. We trust in him.

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