Take one more step closer to God

I mean, how can we take one more step closer to Jesus truly? 🤔 Apart from the bitterness of this broken world, how can we not only stay with the position with God but also draw near to Jesus.

What I found from my humble ups and downs walking with the Lord. That we need our brothers and sisters to achieve more. Let me go deeper into this topic. Things, others and the Church are not responsible for our greatest walk with God. They are here as a vessel to remind and encourage us that we can climb the mountain and finish this race well. Certainly, if we climb alone it would be tough. To be honest, we need the physical presence of people of trust around us.

Don’t get me wrong. The Holy Spirit within you leads you in the right direction and gives you 🔋 Power. But I am sure God brings people along the way that not only encourage us but also those we can trust truly. So, without hesitation of falling and failing we go further and further. We climb with no fear. Even fear will bow down to our keep moving and can-do attitude because our source of hope is in Christ alone.

So be strong in the Lord. Have the courage to change and move. Let a new day shines ✨️ and open many doors of opportunities.

” Come close to God, and God will come close to you..” James 4:8

Let us come close to God. And draw near to Him so that we can feel His presence. With distancing we can’t feel his love, we need to get closer. We need to call Him, we need to pray and spend time with him.

So make this decision my friend. Think about how you can draw yourself to God. Is it spending 10 mins more each day? Is it reading more of the Bible? Is it in prayer? Is it in helping others in the Name of Jesus? Is it in serving? Whatever it is .. do it.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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