Happy Pentecost Day

Right before Jesus told his disciples about The gift of his Father. In the book of Acts, we read clearly about the Holy Spirit coming upon all his deciples.

They received the gift of heaven. They have been filled with the Holy Spirit. The waiting season ended with a glorious new beginning. God never leaves us alone here. While Jesus went to heaven and is preparing a place for us, He thought of us and the Holy Spirit was touchable and reachable for us.

Mow, the humans have this access code. To experience and tangible love of God through the Holy Spirit. We called this the born of the Church. Although, the gathering was there and a prayer meeting was held before. As we read Jesus’ disciples waited in the upper room for the promised gift.

The good thing is the Holy Spirit was not only for his disciples. He is for everyone who called the Name of the Lord. As we read AFTER the receiving the Holy Spirit. Peter, stood up and preach. And we saw 3000 people turn their way and get baptised.

So the below are some of the most important aspects that How the Holy Spirit acts and moves. Of course, we can not box and limit the Holy Spirit in any way. He has always had a new way of filling, loving and acting for us.

The Holy Spirit is for evryone.

The Holy Spirit wants to connect us to the Father.

The Holy Spirit is ready to move among us.

The Holy Spirit loves to come in.

The Holy Spirit makes us fresh / new

The Holy Spirit opens our eyes and hearts.

Tell me How the Holy Spirit came into your life? What evidence you’ve seen? Speaking in tongues. Healing? Wisdom? Peace? ..

Your friend

Darius Youkhaneh



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