It is all about our lover, Jesus.

It is so hard to admit the truth sometimes, we, humans, think we know everything and when the reality hit – we are overwhelmed with it. It is time to encounter what is really truth.

In our life, we face many challenges, no doubt! We face many obstacles today which are the bridges of our tomorrow. We must go through, we must push forward, we must try again. God made us this way. To be like him. Giving up is not in our plan.

I’ll remind you what is the plan. Our plan is bigger than ourselves, our God is the biggest of All. We must believe when there are no one’s beliefs. We must look above and trust that this life is not our final destination, our real-true life is eternal and forever with our lover, Jesus.

Eventually, you see everything is vanity except for the One lives forever, the One gives us meaning and purpose today, tomorrow and forever. The One is within you.

It is all about our lover, Jesus.

Nothing more important than this message you are reading right now. You can know The Way, the Life, and the Truth right now, you can know your lover.

Wanna know who died for you? Wanna know who is your true lover?Where you can find more information? Right at His Word.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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