Hello July

July is different in Australia. It might be a hot, beautiful sunny summer day for you. For us, it is a cold and cloudy winter day. July is a very cold month for us; although there is no snow in the city, we celebrate a white Christmas with family and a warm hot chocolate in the homes. Who knows, you might find yourselves in the snowy mountains and skiing in July here.

People know Australia as a hot-weather country, truly is! But the fact is, that is true if you live in the middle of Australia – I mean, even the chill nights of winter will much hurt you if you don’t get a good blanket or a warm house.
With all the coldest days experienced in July. Still, most days are sunny and the temperature is much better outdoors. July can warm your heart. It is the month of getting your Bible and a cup of tea in front of the heat with a blanket. This month God can guide your heart by nearing and hearing Him more. It is the time to close ourselves to the fire of the Holy Spirit, to burn all our inequities and impurities. July is the month of fire, to get baptized with fire. It is the month of reflection and patience.

It is time to watch the Busy Lizzie flower. And put away all past mistakes and wrongs behind. July is the time for preparation and a little bit of changing the decoration. It is not time like a turtle playing with empty shells; instead, you are waiting to flourish with hope and anticipation.

Good to know:
Washing off all bad memories and cleansing them with the help of God
Step out and plan for the seasons to come
Loving and finding yours and knowing there is a good future ahead

Can you say Hello July?

Your friend
Dariush Youkhaneh

Photo source: Unsplash.com


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