When I was 12

I want to encourage us today and we can all be inspired by reading this post.
When I was young, I mean 12 years old boy who was so energised by the people. I was living in a small village, Happy and grateful life! One event nearly changed my prospect of God and spiritual life. I was passing a road with grocery stuff in my right hand, rushing to get home. I heard a sound, suddenly. Was it a sound of lightning? no, it was not. It was a car which had stopped 10 meters away from me and I turned my face to see what was the noise? But at first, I saw and felt an angel between me and the car and I saw the driver was in shock and how did he stop the car at that speed. It was one of the most profound and touchable moments of my life, I mean, of course, there are other examples, if I tell you, you might not believe, or I just might share through my later posts slowly.
What was it like? What did the angel look like? to be honest, I can not tell, But all I know is she/he was tall and strong. A year later I was baptised in the Holy Spirit. And more adventure in God began seriously and fun. Serious because they truly change my life, and Fun because they are always new and fresh. For this very reason let me share three attributes of God: 1- God is powerful, 2- God is wise 3- God is God.

But the real answer is, that God wants to know him. the nicer story starts once we come closer and tell God” I wanna know you more”. We no need to sing the fancy Christian songs or know a couple of them. A true Christian knows there is no limit for our God. Our God is limitless. I told this story to a couple of people, that I received God’s word while I was in a conference, exactly outside of the conference this word dropped in my heart ( such a voice), ” God is limitless, you can not limit God”. Was I limiting God? I might those times and I might want to control God in some area of my life. Such a great message for us today also, Are we limiting God in us or in our family, I am not a preacher by no means, I just tell what God inspires my heart that can truly encourage and warm my hearts and yours, because I know if you are reading my post till here, It means you are family, we are family and you value me to hear from me. If you are passing and this is your first time visiting my blog, I am so honoured to host you at this, you are a great human regardless of your position or background, you are welcome to the family. Open the window of your heart, let’s listen to each other, you are reading my heart’s words, my story and my very own life experience. I am here because I wanted to tell you that God loves you.

Here to go, What can inspire our hearts today?

Your friend
Dariush Youkhaneh



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