Let us see the World from God’s Eyes

We continue to walk with God. Whatever now and the next generation will call it. Because we know everything we have is in his hands. Our present, our eternal life, our family, the heavens and the earth, the depth of galaxies and the deepest of oceans, All in All, God is on the throne. I think He is okay and knows what He is doing.

The problem of understanding and timing, it’s gripping the breath of truth. The unseen things are not reachable by us and we hold on to things seen. When I read the books about the Holocaust and what human is capable of! I lose my sense of humanity. Why and in what direction we were going? The path of righteousness is narrow and the backpack or understanding is too heavy to carry along.

When Jesus invited his disciple to follow Him. He didn’t say leave your current world completely, He said “come follow me “(first). The other things will follow you then. Am I truly following and loving him? Hmmm sometimes Yes, Sometimes No. I think is okay as we are dust, as long as we are getting up and following and loving Him again and again.

So let’s shake the dust of this modern world and follow and love Jesus truly. Let’s see the world from God’s eyes. Let’s walk our youth ( aged) world according to what he said, let’s try, let’s our shout of victory can be heard by the enemy and they’ll know God is on our side. Whether this world like it or not, we do what is Right, Honourable, and lovable. Are you ready to show the world that Christ is within you?

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. It seems , when we get older we used to familiarity ! I think this kind of question will help us as you told (to ponder upon) time to time back to our first Love.
    Thanks Deborah for your encouraging comment. Glad this post blessed us. 🙌

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