My friend August

August came with its kindness again. To show me its beauty and warning me that a year passed, that I am older enough to see it differently. The trees are greener and the sky is clearer at this time. August is not cold or warm, it is right balanced, somehow in the middle. Perfect in its like.

I am blessed to see August’s beauty. I’ll seat next to it and just watch how wonderfully changes everything. I love August, not because it is a mover and motivator, no! It is because inspires my heart. I am an August VIP.

The smily face of cloud, where the streets cuddle me badly as people are kinder to each other. The road is short but sweet enough to enjoy it. Where the moon is complete and the rain is not shy. I am standing in the middle of awesomeness. Who knows? Maybe August gave me a pair of wings to fly for visit.

August reconciles me with nature. Returning me to the depth of itself. Misting my eyes with gorgeous flowers. Inviting me to a nab that I can rest in its loving breeze. Who cares? I might see a dream in a day full of trouble. Then, I realise I can see better with my puffy eyes even on my miffy side.

I kiss August. All because it is a gift from above. I put my hand on its shoulder saying ‘welcome’, to my heart mate. We are always friends, no matter what! I can hear August says ‘ Yes we are -Always.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh



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