God’s wonderful light leads us

Darkness can not understand, the deepest ocean can not know how wonderful is the Light. Not an ordinary light by Sun on a day. But a marvelous authentic light of heaven. A glorious majestic light which God himself shines upon us.

” I am the light of the world, ” God said. When we believe in the light our gloomy dark will fade away, there is no such color existing in us because the Light has dwelled within us.

We are like a star, leading the way and breaking through the darkness. We are the Light everywhere we go, in every speech we give, and in every act we do. The Word is in us. Nothing short and breathless but full of life and aspirations. We are enough when the Light overflow in us and feeds others. It is not only lighting our way to life but also we are walking with others in peace.

God's wonderful light leads us home.

It is true!

The source of light will lead us home. A home in which there is no night and darkness. God himself is the light of the day. We live in it and enjoy heaven. Our home, our sweet sweet home full of beauty and wonders.

Are we willing the light to shine upon us now? Are we ready for the transformation?

Let the Light come in..

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh

Dear friend, I am so glad you are here. You are kind enough to read this post till the end. Thank you. I am sure you found it interesting. Why not follow this blog and share it with your people around? That’d be a blessing to me. Thank you again. Don’t leave the blog early. Hang around and see the prior posts.


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