It is the Truth, Jesus helping me!

When I am confused and the world around me collapses and there is zero chance of surviving, Jesus is there to help me! to give me a miracle. As I know my God is a giver God, who loves to offer to His children.

I am not afraid of anything or anyone! why? because my God is greater than anything or anyone! Who can come against me when I have the army of the Lord with me!? Let the enemy come, Let the enemy say what they want to say! Let! Because, my God is immovable, and my heart is full of the joy of heaven. He is there! Helping me to overcome overall. I am an overcomer, I have a victory here on earth and the angels dancing in heaven for me, God knows, I am an apple in his eyes. Not to boast, but to speak the truth and the love!

I am God’s child! Jesus shows his compassion and love towards me! He is not like others, He is my diamond and the only precious of heaven on earth. I can rely on him, He will never disappoint me, I might be wounded by the enemy’s attack, but I am free and forever His. I am a valued member of God’s kingdom, nothing can terminate this, nothing can take this out, not the hardship of today or the battle of tomorrow! Jesus is helping me, continuously reminding me – How loved I am! Can the fear of today or tomorrow separate me from Jesus? no, never.

I trust His word, what he said about me. His promises seating deep into my heart. It doesn’t matter if the enemy said is late, it does matter if the enemy said is impossible. Because my God is the God of possible! Whether I see it or not, His promises will come , like a day will pass. I am here to be led, to be loved , to be with Jesus, here on earth. Even, though I have doubt or uncertainty! Jesus helping me.

I am in the garden of God! I am His chosen flower as the Holy Spirit watering my soul! I am growing up! God’s garden never is faded – not like ours! they are beautiful, flourishing and green all the time. I am walking with His shield around me, I am flying with his wings! If I am broken – He rescues me. He’s got the full authority, the key to this and the unknown world is with Him. I am wiser and stronger! He lifts me up, higher than the highest mountain.

Hallejuha, Jesus Helping Me!

Your Friend

Dariush Y



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