Jesus Christ Never Changes , He is the Same, yesterday, today and forever!

It’s almost November! The year 2022 came with many marks in our memories. My heart is full of unexpected events in the world. Thinking about people, and praying for those in need. And every time I pray, Jesus reminds me that ” I reign forever, remain in me “. It seems there is a fight between the flesh and the spirit.

“For I the Lord do not change..”Malachai 3:6

I see some friends got married, some others stayed where they are, some others drifted away and some others are teachers and preachers. Time has changed and perhaps the people are changed! The priorities have changed.

Australia facing a new era. With changes around I can see in my friends and the world. But I can see my Jesus has never changed.

My circumstances don’t change God.

Some have issues with having faith, they don’t accept the concept of faith at all! We are living in an ungodly world. If you say sometimes, they take it as judgmental, hearts are heavy, ears are covered and the heads are under the snow!

The Chruch, the only body of the bride hurting.

We are seeing all this! Because God wants to talk to us, he wants to love us more and more. He never changes. We need his help to increase our faith, to fulfilling our dreams and wishes, be like Him, and love Him more.

Jesus Christ never changes! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Hebrews 13:8 CEV

So can my today and tomorrow change Him? No, but He can change my today and tomorrow and forever for His goodness. Then, I am not lost with the opinion of this world, I am not lost with the strange new philosophy of this broken world. I am not lost but I am found in Him.

The world changes but God never changes.

My conclusion is that God loves me, He is for me, and it doesn’t matter how much my world changes, He is the Same, He promised, He will be with me till the end of the earth.

Your friend

Dariush Y



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