Three things you should know about yourself

Keeping yourself happy shouldn’t be a tedious task. Perhaps most of us live as life comes. For now, I want you a draw the separate line between being happy and having joy.

Life is full of events, so often we forget who we are and what is the purpose of our being. It comes with responsibilities for so many of us. Family, work, business and you name it.

But God called Jacob in the middle of those responsibilities as usual:

Jacob, the Lord created you. Israel, he made you, and now he says, “Don’t be afraid. I saved you. I named you. You are mine.
Isaiah 43:1 ERV

God Created You

God Saved You

God Named You

You are created by God, like God, and for God. It does matter how hard you try to recreate or change. Your cell and whole are made by The Lord. None-believers saying the opposite of this. Rather – you believe it or not. You are made in his image. If you believe it, you’ll inherit the Kingdom of God, you reign with His Son Jesus.

Not everyone could claim, you are saved! Saved of what? the Creator promised You are Saved, my child. I sent you Jesus. Just by the sacrifice of The Only Lamb, you are allowed to go in his presence. You are the family of God now, not a foreigner anymore. You came Home and realise made like the image of God.

Naming someone means you love them, you name your child, or our parents named us. Also, God named you! How? By giving you a new identity through the Blood of the Lamb. He called Jacob to remind him of all this.

God is calling you, to remind you of all the above.

You are made in His image.

You are saved by His grace.

You are His.

Your friend here

Dariush Youkhaneh

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