Seeking God’s Face in 2023

When I need to be one step closer to God. He leads me like His nation in the desert. I am not qualified to lead his people, but I am qualified in Heaven, to be with Him – that is my ultimate hope. Can I discover more of Jesus this year? It is all depends on my willing, my engine of desire and all on my decisions of involving God more in my daily life. I promised to never let go of Jesus! He promised me to keep me safe in the journey. That has been a source of comfort for me over the years.

I kicked off 2023 with exciting news! My dear sister came over with the kids. They stayed a couple of weeks and it was such a joy for the whole family. Sometimes, nah, I can say all the time you miss your loved ones when they head back to their home- I think is so natural for every human being! We are emotional people on the planet. We feel, we see, and we miss.

Even though I can not imagine – How much our heavenly father missed us when we have been away from our home. I can not explain or look for a word to illustrate it for you! Omnipotent God, for whom he got all the universe in his hands, missed us so much. I am naïve to say that! But truly, God loves you so much! I am not trying to interpret God’s thought here- All I am trying to tell you it is my experience of His unfailing love and faithfulness over years and years. The move of God is something I am expecting more of. I am expecting Him with an eye of enthusiasm.

It is never better time now to go deep into the word and receive from Him, regardless of our situation. But, Me and you have a common need of God! Our creator wants to bless and touch our hearts, Couple of days ago, I saw a sign on the road- “less holding back”, and suddenly it just dropped in my heart, “leaning forward”. God wants to lean forward, to look ahead. That sign is for you too! We pray, we seek, we knock the face of the Lord.

When everyone is looking to set up a resolution or goals for this year, I pursue the plan of God in my life. I want the heavenly calendar on my time- I want the move of Holy Spirit, the rain of his presence in my upper room. I want to know the next step of His plan, his heart. I thank Him; I praise Him.

I want to finish with this, no matter where we are, no matter what situation we are in. He is faithful. Remain in his love, remain in his heart. He will be with you all the way.

Drop a comment and tell me how was your holiday break?

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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