One Step at a time, Closer to heavenly Father

I am trying to adjust my time these days! After a short/long break. I am here to write to us, my friend. How are you? I hope your winter is loved with a warm of tea and a conversation. Here, I am enjoying my Aussie summer. I know! I know! Don’t be jealous, it is our turn to enjoy the sun’s heat and get some sunburns. The days are getting hotter and warmer and my life is full of expectations and events. I am making history!

I mean, I am taking steps toward the destiny that God provided for me. We are living in an interesting time. We have seen a full beautiful life and the other side a broken world next to us, nudging us to grieve with it. Sometimes I see myself as a half person, and the other half will be completed on the other side. The temporary life seems good and attractive- surely good enough for a short life. The Christian life is not a complete life on earth! A Christian has fully appeared and is present but has an eye to reaching the real home.

I and you and others all are human. God’s loves are for every single human on the planet and above. We need a flip to awaken our souls to the reality of heaven. It does not matter which generation we are living in now! You matter to God; you matter to his plan and purposes. He has a bigger plan for you. All you need to do is have an ear to hear and listen and a heart to surrender.

Technology and its giant mouth won’t take his beauty from my side. I am continuing to walk with God. Not only that, keeping myself safe and sound by reading and having devotion to his presence. The little pain of wrongdoing, the unknown storm of tomorrow, the uncertainty of my future, the mountain of trouble and problem – can not take God’s heart from me. I am predestined in His love. He loved me before all those dilemmas and complications come to reality.

I am standing here to admit, like King David, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands,” Proverbs 19:1.

We are here as an army of heaven, praying for the world to be rescued by the Saviour Jesus. Today, it seems the world needs to hear the “God loves you” message. We are the echoes of the truth on earth. I am thinking about it, my friend. How can I use my little influence to bring others to the Lord’s table? The message of love and peace and grace of Jesus Christ is for all and we know that by the truth revealed to us – The Light of heaven coming soon.

Your friend


Take a prayer request: Pray for Turkey and Syria earthquake impacted people

Photo credit: Catherine Kay Greenup



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