Abba, Our Father Your Majesty, your Glory

Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!
Psalms 8:9 NIV

Wonderful God did not make a mistake to give you breath. God intentionally made you beautiful. When we read the majesty of the Lord, we’ll be blown away by His glorious Name. It seems knowing him makes us more aware of this: HOW BIG IS THE LORD? Sometimes bringing my small things to His consideration makes me a bit awkward! Although! As much as He is enormous and glorious and majesty, we can still bring our small(little) problems under his care.

Am I bothering a big God who is not interested in my little issue? Who am I to answer on behalf of him? But I don’t think he will be bothered, the opposite He loves to be involved in all details of our life. God’s Name is majestic on all earth. We can not make him famous. Our job is not that. He is already famous all over the earth. In every country you go to, on any planet you’ll be walking in, God is famous there. We just stand in his beauty and enjoy the Love of Father.

God is not busy wiping mine or your sins, He is already done it in His Son Jesus.

Our repeatable mistakes, make us more humble that we need a savior. Our Lord, Oh Lord How much we need you? A million confessions and returns don’t satisfy our thirsty souls, except a touch of your presence. We seek your glory and Majesty, Abba our Father your Majesty, your glory. Praising God in the storm is the best set of actions we can do.

Are we ready to go in his presence and wash us with the Blood of Jesus? New You is not far! 

Your friend

Dariush Y



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