Small things can bring great joy into your life!

Small things can bring great joy into your life!

My dear, please come and join me. Allow me to share some inspiring thoughts with you. Thanks be to God for another day. Autumn in Sydney is lovely. It is a day of rejoicing and love, neither too cold nor too hot. Although Sydney is known for its high cost of living, there are still affordable and unique eateries that families can enjoy.

As we navigate through life, our priorities change and we begin to focus on what truly matters. It’s important to appreciate the small things and pay attention to those who may need our support, including the less popular individuals such as the homeless who may be spending a cold night outside. Personally, I value the details and try to remember them as much as possible.

Finding time to enjoy the small things in life can have a positive impact on our well-being. It’s important to live in the moment and appreciate the things we have. Love, attention, and respect are crucial for our emotional health. Instead of limiting ourselves to dreary colours, we should embrace vibrant, joyful colours when we travel. Jesus brought happiness and joy to our hearts, and we should aim to reflect that positivity in our daily lives. Let’s spend more time in our home garden with a smile on our face. Remembering that God is forgiving, we should seek His grace and mercy. As we gaze up at the clear blue sky, we can find comfort in the simple things that bring us peace.

Take a moment to appreciate the miracle of your existence, as there is so much to be thankful for. Despite life’s challenges, it is a wonderful thing to know that we can still hold onto great happiness within our minds, hearts, and souls, no matter what season we are in.

All I ask is to take the guitar and sing a melody of joy in appreciation of my creator. Who has the potential to transform me for all eternity and has already done so. As I pen these words, my reflections drift millions of years away to behold the kindness of my Jesus. If my people can only have faith and trust in God, they will witness the great things He has prepared for them. I believe life was much better than it is now and it can only achieve this when Jesus returns.

I love the Autumn season, for it brings me a sense of hope as I walk on its leaves and it loves me in return.

I dream of the day when God will show me His love and grace and provide me with the opportunity to become who I was meant to become. Before Jesus walked on the liquid surface, He had spent some time with His Father. He grasped the power of prayer and connection that begets obedience. Isn’t time for you and me to grab some moments of life for little things and pray? God is not searching for the perfect individual, for there is no one on earth who is entirely without fault. Yet God, seeking a heart that hungers.

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh



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