Green Green Grace

I don’t need to be a different person, I was created to be me. I don’t need to be approved of by anyone else. My Creator has made me wonderfully and beautifully. My strength comes from Jesus, and I’m on His team.

I am the winner! The Red Sea is opened, my healing is present and the Holy Spirit descends anew. My purpose is something much bigger than I can see. I am beholding the beauty within the heart,

,the creation..

,the love of Jesus..

,the pathes of grace and freedom..

Blooming like a flower in the Spring. I am expressing my joy and contentment through my transformation. I am aiming for greater success, take my hand and I’ll show you the garden of mercy. Would you like to be part of “Team Jesus”?

Let’s walk a bit , and see the world outside. Let’s the time freeze! Just be!

You see, God has a plan. Rest in the comfort of “Green Green Grace” and let Jesus make you complete. Then, you are sure of your place in His Team…

Create a tunnel! A glimmer of light in the darkness. Imagine the impact of being with Jesus!

Written by

Dariush Youkhaneh



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