How to start a daily devotional habit?

Here are some tips on how to start a daily devotional habit each day:

• Pick a time of day when you won’t be distracted and stick to it.

• Pick a place where you feel comfortable and can be alone for a few minutes.

• Pick a book or devotional that speaks to you.

• Have a notebook, and take notes when God speaks to you.

• Look for some Scripture that relates to your life or situation.

• Settle in community by joining a Bible study group or finding an accountability partner.

• Keep it up by making it a priority and not letting other things get in the way.

• Give thanks for the opportunity to spend time with God each day.

There are many Christian devotionals available online that can help you grow closer to God and live for Jesus each day. Some popular ones are:

Tell me what are your daily devotional habits? What books are you using next to your Bible? Do you prefer daily devotional online or in paper books?

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Dariush Youkhaneh

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  1. Dariush, in answer to your query/prompt: I keep a conversational journal of interactions between God and me. He often speaks to me by bringing to mind scriptures I have stored away in my heart. (For that to work, one has to have some of the word in there.) I find that if I honor the conversation by recording it, more comes from the shared time.

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  2. Here’s what I do. I read in two places, from the Psalms and reading through the Bible, rotating from the Old Testament and New Testament. So I will read all of Genesis, then I will read in Matthew. But I don’t read very much at a time. And I let the time I have determine how much I read each day. I usually read from the Old or New testament for about seven minutes, then the psalms for about four minutes. then last I pray for five or six minutes–but I always end up praying for longer than that. Oh, I usually take notes on what I read and how God is speaking to me. So my quiet times are generally about 15 minutes. I know that’s kind of short, but I try to make it quality time with the Lord, and try never to miss a day.

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    1. Having quality time matters. That’s great covering both, old and new testament in 15 mins plus prayer 🛐. Did it happen a time God hold you longer in his presence Stephen?

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      1. Awesome 👍 definitely. You are giving 2 days of your year to the Lord, that’s something. Well done and keep going brother


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