What People Look Up Most Often On the Web Regarding Christianity?

There are many topics people search for on the internet for Christianity. Here are some of them include:

• Bible

• Biblical literature

• Christology

• Doctrine and dogma

• Eschatology

• Faith

• Grace

• Heaven

• Hell

• Heresy

• Jesus Christ

• Liturgical movement

• Miracle

• Monasticism

• Monotheism

• New Testament

• Old Testament

• Original sin

• Papacy

• Prayer

• Priesthood

• Purgatory

• Sacrament

• Salvation

• Schism

• Scripture

• Theism

• Theology

• Worship

The list of searches I mentioned above is just a fraction of what it should be, I just looked at one search engine, Bing.com, and searched the whole internet, not one specific engine. The outcomes of each search engine should vary slightly. But this is off to a promising start.

Let me know what do you think? What result you found?

Your Friend

Dariush Youkhaneh



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