Australia Cold Morning Bring Joy into Your Heart

Tea ? Or Coffee?

Australia is having cold weather now! We’ve made it through to the Autumn-Winter season at least. It’s getting colder every morning. I put on a thick jacket to keep me warm, and I pile on layers of clothing.  I like my walk in the morning.

Winter is brutal, I look aftet myself, wrapped like a baby ,haha

I hope this won’t count as a judement, I can’t believe how many walks without a warm clothes on, in the morning is too cold. Most of you reading possibly enjoy a warm Spring days. But here , I am telling you..

By the way… back to my books. I am not sure how many of you following it. As the season of life changes like the nature. I am praying to write a new book that can inspire you more. I just need time adjustment as the work taking my most energy these days. God helps,It is a difficult task.

I’m determined to please Jesus with all my being. After blogging for many years, I am still growing and practicing. Here’s to another great year, even better than the last. May I say thank you to you? You never surrender but keep striving toward the call each day. Be strong my friend , we are in together..I put my own opinions aside and let God be the head of my life, the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge. It is not lacking sight.

Comment here your mind , let me know you more about you and your blog. Is it Spring there?

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Where I live, about 100 miles or 161 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, the snow is melting fast, (it has been on the ground since September!). The leaves on the trees popped open about 10 hours ago and they will be completely open in a short time. Our daylight is nearing 24 hours a day and our high was 62F or 17 C and a low of 45 F or 7 C. I am ready for Summer!

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