Jesus, the light of the world,
Shining bright for all to see,
Guiding us through the darkness,
And setting our hearts free.

He is the way, the truth, and the life,
The one who leads us home,
The one who gives us hope and strength,
When we feel lost and alone.

Jesus, the bread of life,
Filling us with love and grace,
Satisfying our deepest needs,
And giving us a taste of heaven’s embrace.

He is the Prince of Peace,
Bringing calm to every storm,
Healing all our hurts and pains,
And making our hearts warm.

Jesus, the King of Kings,
Ruling over all the earth,
Bringing justice and mercy,
And showing us our worth.

He is the Son of God,
Sent to save us from our sin,
Dying on the cross for us,
So that we could live again.

He is the Son of Man,. Making us pure and diamond , the love of Him changing every miment.

Jesus, our Savior, and Lord,
The one who loves us so,
May we always follow in your steps,
And never let you go.

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh


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