The most beautiful place..

The most beautiful place I have ever been is Switzerland. Indeed the best place for hiking. In my trip to Europe I’ve visited Alps mountains and I did a few hours hiking on the top of the mountain.

It was refreshing, soul taking and breathed a new love in me. I couldn’t believe it , I was there. I closed my eyes open it again and slapped my face twice just making sure I am not dreaming.

It was a foggy day though but it didn’t hide it’s beauty and loving charm face of nature.

I didn’t cut my hiking but I made it longer to see more and see how great is our God?

You don’t need to say anything when you are there , Just be and listen what it says to you. Stillness is an attitude of nature , you learn it!

Break your hours in the nature by enjoying to see what they enjoy.

Choose a path the leads you to green pastures. Leave the rest to God.

It was unreal , I was just walking in the heaven without knowing where I was.

I wasn’t dreaming , I was there, I felt God’s love hover over me. So much to takin in ..

So much unexplainable beauty for to see. You should be there and see with your eyes what I am talking about.

God says ” you see all these beauties I made , don’t you think that I am able to look after you ?” . Suddenly all my doubts fell down and the power of his greatness filled me. And I was lighter than wind.

I was in paradise. Right there with Him. Knowing me better in His eyes.

Where have you been that you liked most ? Leave me a comment below.

Dariush Youkhaneh



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