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I am grateful again of God of heaven. I am thankful to Him because I am content who I am and what I have. Contentment and dreams are two different things. I am content and dreaming more. In each step when God given me something I look above to sky – in the day to sun and cloud – in the night to the moon and stars , saying thank you God you are my true dreams . Simply and wonderfully I am amazed of your work and hand in my life. With this greatness and holiness you made a way for me and came into my heart? I am such overwhelmed of this great love. What letter I can write to you that capture your kindness and beauty toward me. What word I can say that can explain your prettiness in me. How can I shout that heaven can hear me.  Thank you for who you are. If I go 200 billions planet away , I still praise you and worship you and your truth never be taken away from me.


You taught me how to pray and speak. You said to me come to me when you are weary. You taught me wisdom and understanding beyond my own ability. I am such a Josef in your story. Given me king’s ring and made me your own people and right there I am sitting next to you and having dinner at your table. Heaven’s table.

Reveal more of you , less of me is enough , more of you more in need.

I am child to enter to your kingdom , I am a son and you are my Father. Around and around you are everywhere , my soul have joy in this- you are all I need. You are all I seek. Who is like you? No one . You warned me when danger was near to me. You sent the angles to protect me. You fought for me when I was tired. You loved me when I was ugly in sin and my own world. You saw the best in me even I did not have believe in my self , but you believed in me and trusted to be a citizen of your world. I am tearing of this ocean of your greatness. Tell me how big is your heart? When I fell off you raise me up. When I was defeated you sang song of victory in me. Who you are God? I Love You! I was there you were with me , when I am here you are with me.

If I drink an ocean of you still would not be enough to know you.

I am blessed that my name is written on your palm of your hands.  You watered my desert and it turned to a sea of rain. I am the luckiest human on the earth and heaven because you have chosen me. I have won the lottery of heaven. You God , focused on me to rescue me, From death to life. I love you more. You turned the black to a snow white. You turned the night to a light day. You came for me …Sorrow and pain are not any more highlighted but your love IS. You are Yahweh our God. You healed my sickness , You led me to your greatness , You wondered me with your presence. Your majesty and glorious made everything new in me. Thank you God.

The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior [Psalms 18 : 46]




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Read -Psalms 15   

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