Another Year Ahead

I am thanking God for another year ahead, He has been so good to me. In a few hours I finish my 32 years on this earth. I am So much grateful for this beautiful gift of life. The moment I went deep in love of God – I fell in love with Jesus already. The moment I took to know him was so precious – He promised me , He will be always with me wherever I go. He stayed in His promises until now. He was patient on my errors. Sometimes He punished me for my Good. Dealing with sin never was his attitude. I am here because of His grace. Today I can celebrate my birthday because I have so much to tell others. The story of Grace.

When I was 13 – I was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. The moment the fire of God came to me – I was sealed for his purpose on this earth. I did not take vow to serve Him forever- But He took his heart and make  me like become love. He attracted me to his light. To His everlasting crystal beauty Love. I was one small sand in a million sand on his beach. Looking for who can I be? His looking beauty inside me and showing how much he loved me.. more and more. I am learning a life on earth and his showing me how to become a citizen of heaven. I learnt skills will come – surrendering need to be learnt and repentance need to be repeated. Who cares you are famous or rich – poor or wealthy , educated or uneducated , known or unknow whatever you are ..I learnt it really not matter. Here and there .. the matter is how you learnt to become love. Am I humble enough to love an unlovable person?  until now who is my enemy ? I forgave them all already. I do not remember who are they! I love them , forgive them . I don’t do because I need to do – I do it because it makes me love and light; like water. May the year was full of the struggles – but joy of the Lord kept me stronger . He is increasing my faith – I felt that- I am feeling it these days. I am a clay on his hands , His shaping me for a better. I am loving Him more –  in my workplace, in my talking , in my waking , in my shopping , in my life.



Looking for a year of the supernatural ( miracles ) . Getting back to shape in my faith. Practice the presence of God more and taking one step closer to Him. I enjoy this . I delight in the Lord and I am full of expectations to win more. Focus on the goals , loving his people and become like Him – a source of Love – Where ever I go his presence will be with me. Not looking for idols of this world but becoming a real man of Him.

Thank you very much to all of my friends here, Thank you for being with me all this way until now. God bless you every day. Please keep reading this blog – because we are here in this journey of Life; together. I am thanking God for each one of You. You are so precious.  

Father I am thanking for another year ahead you have given me – Lord please allow me to spend well. Let your plan be obvious for me in this year. Lord where is need a faith please pour out yours- Lord wherever need a hope ; please pour out your presence , Lord wherever need a love ; please reach out your hand and comfort. You have been look after-ing  me , Your angels protecting me – how sweet is it! your eyes are upon me. I obey and love you more and more. In your Name. Amen



Dariush Youkhaneh



  1. Gosh, you were born soon after I was saved! Congratulations on your birthday!! Be #blessedbeyondrecognition John 20:14-15


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