Restore to me the Joy of Your salvation

Oh God of all times, I am a sinner. Keep my eyes up and forward. I need your lovingkindness to forgive all my mistakes. I need your hands to lift me into your presence where I can rest. Your bountiful Spirit holds me safe and secure. I need you to restore me the joy of Your salvation, transfer me again from one to another, from old to new—a complete restoration of my soul, heart and mind. Would you allow me to build my life on your Word again? Would you lead me with cloud and fire?

Your merciful hands – all I need. The touch of heaven- all I want. Remember, your first love, remember, I am dust who will return to it. Your glorious face can turn my mortal body into a burst of sunshine. Rebuild my life over, merciful Adonai.

You did not leave me alone here! But I see you are fighting for me over and over again. There is no doubt, and there is no sin, there is no – nothing can separate me from Your love. I look up. 

Believers can walk through this world with Heads Held High, carrying the dignity of the family of God as lords and ladies of the kingdom of heaven.”Let the weak say,” I am strong”(Joel 3:10).” -Reinhard Bonnke

O Jesus, Son of God. 

Please do not take your Holy Spirit from me. Change my world with your presence, O Jesus, put a new song on my lips. Let me see your face- let me be a new person, a new river of blessing that my soul will praise you forever. I am a sinner. Wash me in your blood. Would you immerse me again? Then, I say – Thank you, Father.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Read Psalms 51

God Forgives Our Sin

John says in his letter. Even we make mistakes , There is a Grace. A God of forgiveness to Love us more. Bible says We all sin and short glory of God. Sometimes we do things we do not want to do. We took some bad habits for a while – then we realise , Hey why am I doing this? This is not what I am called be to do? I am breaking my promise to God. When we reach to that realization we are like the Lost child. We go direct to our Father and I will say to Him. I make sin to you and I broken my promises. What was our thinking and what He was thinking toward us!

He loves us who we are right now.

He cares us where we are now.

The moment we migrate from our old bad habits – our sinful life to the Truth. We move from darkness to the Light. We pass our old thinking to a new thinking of purity.  Because God is Light. There is no lie in Him. We should live in the light. Mistakes are smalls , Grace are Big. He is a Big God. Awesome Father of Love and forgiveness. There is no mistakes that He can’t wipe. There is no sin , that Can’t be wash by the Blood of Jesus. The biggest mistakes are the greater opportunity to learn His love.

John Continues says in his letter ” God’s Son , Washes away every sin and makes us clean ” 


My dear friend, by immersing ourselves into sea love of Christ. If we go into His loving presence with repentance, He forgives enough to reach our potential today. He is not here to limit us but freedom. If someone did wrong to you, Isn’t time to pass away all bitterness. Isn’t enough to reach His peace into our hearts! Let change the bitterness into Peace.

John says ” If we confess our sins, God will forgive us. “

If I confess , He forgives me. Even may the healing took a time. It is normal my dear friend. If want healing and peace of God overflow in your life- it is time NOW. Right Now confess to receive the healing. Right Now.

He is the Eternal Life. The Life truly we are desiring to have. The First Love we always wanting! Thinking about the things are pure and sunny. Haha He is our joy in the morning – He is our heart and love. Enemy always there to trick you, to steal your joy , to stop your progression. Blessings come overflow like a river into your life. You got promotion in your work, You got joy in the wilderness. The good smells of Jesus fill your house. Believe it and receive it in Jesus Name.



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh


In His Image!

Wisdom, That is all humanity need it and it is my desire to have it too as a deposit to us from Heaven. People make things complicated and hard . But we are inherited in Christ to be simple and wise in all way. By wisdom you will truly know who Jesus is.

As a young person in this generation; I don’t need more of others , But I need more of Heaven to be applied in my life. I need more of truth. That is , surly; Free me from my unjust and unbelieve. By the truth; I am free from the smell of humanity and wearing the smell of heaven on this body.

Also , By wisdom , Not only I understand who is Jesus plus , Something will be clicked in my heart that I will realise what He has done only for me. Oh , How selfish I am , when I reach to understand of heaven? Being said that , I am learning who am I here and what my mission is! And why this chaos world need me!


Suddenly , The lamp of my heart will be on- I’ll be a new person – changed truly by attitude  right inside, love myself in a new way and found the way to forgive others easy. The thing were important one day; they aren’t now! My most priority is now get the wisdom and apply in my life – that is the way to reach to his level. Because , my eyes ae open wide like ocean , filled with his light and salt. Now, no matter how this world will treat me , because I am not belong to it, I am hanging to His greatness in a second changed by His grace. My action, thoughts are trying to line with Jesus’ Love.

I am his gift on the earth, no matter how old I am because I know his giving me eternity; a new soul- right back like His original image.

He is so much richer and more powerful than anything on earth and above. I’ll be given same power as Jesus, a much higher than any position and title in this world and another. I’ll keep proudly my head held high in everything I do all over under His unmerited favour and Love.

I offer the below song to my fellow bloggers and reader ; Called “don’t turn away”:


Don’t turn away

Don’t turn away



I hold my head high

I am pure in your sight

Don’t turn away ( Jesus)

Don’t turn away ( Jesus)

Your face , L O R D , I will seek

Don’t turn away

Teach me your way

My heart leaps for Joy

Speak to me

Teach me your way ( Jesus)




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Read: Ephesians 1 : 15-22

Forgiveness is Freedom 

Recall my forgiveness post. Today I want to talk about the necessarily of forgiveness in our life. Why is important, why do we need it. Why the ignorance of this important in our life may in the long run affects our daily life. Can we have a good life without it?

I am always look into the positive and strong side of it. People are saying find your weakness and work on it and cover it fast. I am saying find your strong side. In what you are good at even in the little things , you may say is nothing . That is your strong point.  Are you good at encouraging people? Develop it. But the heavy lift of some thing from others , block it? So let it go and tell your self I’m going to talk to them. Forgive those they did bad to you. Forgive , forgive and forgive . How many times? seventy times seven! People saying don’t be naïve he or she first have to take the first step. I am telling you that take the first step and go ahead say to them , you forgive them first. 

People are saying enjoy life , why are you hurting your self , why are you always go first , He/she did that to you, do not do it.

I am saying to you my friend , do first , forgive first , love first. Nothing compares to this, Love do not compare , Love do not do wrong . It is always forgives. Are you in love? If so . Melt it with love. 

Money , property , car , land , home , lust, material things in this world  are temporarily. Forgiveness , love and kindness stays forever.  

Grab the bible and open up Matthew 18 : 21-35.

Read about it , how Jesus lead you to love and  forgiveness. Apart from anything in your life , apart from all bad things happen to you and it seems are unforgettable , there is always hope for you. Here now even in your darkness night , there is a bright morning. 

Written By Dariush 

I want to walk with You

I am in love with you- I want to walk with you everyday- every moment and second. I am keen to see you- Because you are the only one i can trust in! Yes – You stay forever with me. Even i am broken and lose everything. Even in my happiest times – you are there and cheering me up. From your presence where can go? You are everywhere! You were watching me when i was child , you were watching me when i was a teenage – you were watching me when i was stepping to unknown.

I want to walk with you like Adam did. I want to enter to the real garden of relationship with you and shout HOSANA , HOSANA! I do not want to take the fruit of sin – I was foolish enough. Grace I need now! Your beautiful love and mercy. Your hand empowers me to be still. I want you to grab my hand like you did to Peter when i am falling and drawing in the sea of my world- You are there again – Telling me  ” walk with me dear “.

I acknowledge you in all my trembling way. I serve you with dignity and loyalty. I know the world i am living in now , it is not loyal to me- But you are always loyal .


When i walk with you:

1- My head held high – My shames all gone

2- My identity found

3- My security accepted

4- I am loved and beautiful

5- I am in peace

6- I am in heaven on the earth

7- I am going to be like You

I am not hiding from you anymore. Because like a fish i am into your sea of presence. In the ocean of greatness. The word i can not find to define . Hand to hand going to walk with you around. Open my eyes to see your beauty more. My guitar can not play a song more beauty than your song. I am here now! to be with you- kiss all the way your heavenly peace and love! I am burning into your holy place – subjecting to reign with you. Pointing to the holy city of the Jerusalem. Shaking off all my dusty human and holding the word of God in my heart and take the light in darkest places – declaring HOLY HOLY it is HIS Name .

Where – When _ What , All be created in one word ” WALK” . To walk with you in all steps of my flesh life- to reach to you.


” Those who walk with God , always reach their destination ” – Henry Ford

Walking with God is a learning process – it is an obedience. Before walking i need to know who i am walking with – and how much he has power – who is walking with me. If i only realise the king of kings – the creator of everything walking with me. Than probably my prospective will change. Even , when i am walking through fire . I know who is with me.

Let start now to learn how to walk with God.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



Forgiveness is a key to your freedom. Forgive those who hurt you and do not allow your destiny in God be affected by this. You belong to a holy nation, God can do anything in your life that is impossible . Yes I know is hard , and Yes I do not know the measure of hurt and pain that have been brought into your life. Look at the Cross , What Jesus Done for you? Wasn’t He hurt because of our iniquity ? Weren’t they insult Him?

unforgiveness make a mountain of hurt and bad stuff.  Remove this by pushing the Spirit of God to work through you and eliminate it slowly.

Perry Noble in his Unleashed book wrote : ” Forgiveness is not a onetime choice. Rather, its a daily decision we need to make. ”

The struggle of forgive is real. But why are you relaying on your own understanding ? When the God of universe came and live like us in the world and died for humanity . Isnt this forgiveness. May you say Dariush I know , But He is God .


Oh my dear friend , He was like us , 100% Human , He felt like us, He was under pressure so much ( As He said to His Father take this pain from me or give me strength to pass it).

I give you some tips to help you for forgiveness:

1- Forgive your self.

The very first step you need to take is to forgive your self , this is not going happen till the Spirit of God move you inside and cleanse you . This is who you are. This is who Gad had in mine to make you. You are who you are in Him. You came for a reason to love and be in love. God has not called you to unfruitfulness rather He chooses you to be what you would be. You are forgiven . This is not your own task. This Body of yours is for His. This Heart of hurt and pain is for God. Your attitude toward yourself must be changed . Paul says ” be new in your mind “. Submit yourselves . then to God.


2- Forgive others

I know , nearly for some of us is impossible. But do you know with God nothing is impossible?  If you want to be release and reach to freedom. Take step and do forgive others. Why are you hurting yourself? There is no reason for it. You are made for today. You are not belong to yesterday.  You are belong for tomorrow. Every morning is  a new day a new glory. You are not a product of past. You need to make decision today.

You never know how beautiful is forgive others when you really do it.

You say, How Dariush , How can I do that. I can not do that ever, you do not know what have been that. Yes you are right I do not know . But I do know we have a God is greater and bigger than anything . Do you believe it? receive it in your heart. Change your glasses , Change your prospective , Change it by the power of love . Yes you can do it. Let it go . Do you want to receive forgiveness , do forgive them.

For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. ” (Matthew 6 : 14-15)
I did not brought up this verse because you have to do it. Most of us read this verse and pass it on. I brought this verse up because I love you to be free from pain of forgiveness.
Do not let the certain time of  your life dictate your bright future.

3- Moving on

Let it go and move on to your beautiful future , God has bigger plan in your life. Don’t you know God was waiting for you to move on?  This small thing of life which we made for ourselves like a mountain is an obstacle for God’s purpose in our life. You are going to next level . A level of flourish.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!    ” 2 Corinthians 5 : 17

Are you okay with it? You are completely a new person . You are labelled with ‘strong’ . No, no one can steal you. This is yours. This is a gift. A gift from above. Move into new glorious future the God provided for you.


written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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