What is Your Continue…?

If God wants one thing from us is a heart to return to Him. I always tell God that Lord, I know I am a flesh and a sinner. He knows we can not do life alone, and we need his gracious forgiveness for our daily interaction. The world around us need to be reminded there are none-perfect human on earth, including the holiest one we know! Our world is broken, including the people in it- we need a saviour, we need Jesus, we need Him, our King of Kings! I am sorrowful with the burden of this world- directly or indirectly impacting us – hugely! In our time of need, we need a helper to reach us! When the Power is used in the wrong way – it is painful. When we go the wrong way, God returns us to the right path; however, we are experiencing life on earth!
I hope my words make sense as we are travelling this life and having fun. The mistakes and the wrong way are part of life’s journey. We can try our best to avoid them; however, if they do happen, we can get on our feet, start again, experience life, and learn and lean on God more. We can go back to the alter of our heavenly Father and trust him, trust in his promises and let not the shaking situation or the season of today take this away from us. I confess we confess; our confession makes sense to God. We are not like those; they are unconcern about life after death! We believe in heaven; this earthly life is not the end of the story but the beginning of a glorious future in Jesus Christ, Our Lord. When we read ‘the confession’ book of Saint Augustine, we realise there is more to discovering God in admission.
Our discovery of faith is not ended; King David wrote in his psalm 130 about assurance of forgiveness. Honestly, that is why He died for us. Let’s go closer to Him. Let’s be the one back to Him even though we think we are unworthy of it. Stand firm, oh the soul, Wait for the Lord. As we pass this Easter, let’s continue to grab his resurrection’s love for us. We are the heavenly Father’s sons and daughters, and nothing can happen to separate us from his love. We are reminded of this on this resurrection Sunday!
So what we can do?
Continue to believe in Jesus.
Continue to confess.
Continue to faith.
Continue to love.
Continue to live as He lives forever.
Continue to get back to Him.
Continue to hope.
Continue to be kind.
Continue to do good.
Continue to be you.
Continue to look up.
Continue to pray.
Continue to influence.
Continue to grow.
Continue to lead. Continue to praise.

Stay on the (right) path!

Continue to …

What is your continue..?

Your friend
Dariush Youkhaneh


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