I want to walk with You

I am in love with you- I want to walk with you everyday- every moment and second. I am keen to see you- Because you are the only one i can trust in! Yes – You stay forever with me. Even i am broken and lose everything. Even in my happiest times – you are there and cheering me up. From your presence where can go? You are everywhere! You were watching me when i was child , you were watching me when i was a teenage – you were watching me when i was stepping to unknown.

I want to walk with you like Adam did. I want to enter to the real garden of relationship with you and shout HOSANA , HOSANA! I do not want to take the fruit of sin – I was foolish enough. Grace I need now! Your beautiful love and mercy. Your hand empowers me to be still. I want you to grab my hand like you did to Peter when i am falling and drawing in the sea of my world- You are there again – Telling me  ” walk with me dear “.

I acknowledge you in all my trembling way. I serve you with dignity and loyalty. I know the world i am living in now , it is not loyal to me- But you are always loyal .


When i walk with you:

1- My head held high – My shames all gone

2- My identity found

3- My security accepted

4- I am loved and beautiful

5- I am in peace

6- I am in heaven on the earth

7- I am going to be like You

I am not hiding from you anymore. Because like a fish i am into your sea of presence. In the ocean of greatness. The word i can not find to define . Hand to hand going to walk with you around. Open my eyes to see your beauty more. My guitar can not play a song more beauty than your song. I am here now! to be with you- kiss all the way your heavenly peace and love! I am burning into your holy place – subjecting to reign with you. Pointing to the holy city of the Jerusalem. Shaking off all my dusty human and holding the word of God in my heart and take the light in darkest places – declaring HOLY HOLY it is HIS Name .

Where – When _ What , All be created in one word ” WALK” . To walk with you in all steps of my flesh life- to reach to you.


” Those who walk with God , always reach their destination ” – Henry Ford

Walking with God is a learning process – it is an obedience. Before walking i need to know who i am walking with – and how much he has power – who is walking with me. If i only realise the king of kings – the creator of everything walking with me. Than probably my prospective will change. Even , when i am walking through fire . I know who is with me.

Let start now to learn how to walk with God.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


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