Forgiveness is Freedom 

Recall my forgiveness post. Today I want to talk about the necessarily of forgiveness in our life. Why is important, why do we need it. Why the ignorance of this important in our life may in the long run affects our daily life. Can we have a good life without it?

I am always look into the positive and strong side of it. People are saying find your weakness and work on it and cover it fast. I am saying find your strong side. In what you are good at even in the little things , you may say is nothing . That is your strong point.  Are you good at encouraging people? Develop it. But the heavy lift of some thing from others , block it? So let it go and tell your self I’m going to talk to them. Forgive those they did bad to you. Forgive , forgive and forgive . How many times? seventy times seven! People saying don’t be naïve he or she first have to take the first step. I am telling you that take the first step and go ahead say to them , you forgive them first. 

People are saying enjoy life , why are you hurting your self , why are you always go first , He/she did that to you, do not do it.

I am saying to you my friend , do first , forgive first , love first. Nothing compares to this, Love do not compare , Love do not do wrong . It is always forgives. Are you in love? If so . Melt it with love. 

Money , property , car , land , home , lust, material things in this world  are temporarily. Forgiveness , love and kindness stays forever.  

Grab the bible and open up Matthew 18 : 21-35.

Read about it , how Jesus lead you to love and  forgiveness. Apart from anything in your life , apart from all bad things happen to you and it seems are unforgettable , there is always hope for you. Here now even in your darkness night , there is a bright morning. 

Written By Dariush 


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  1. Thank you for this great post. Keep it up. I noticed many christians say the same things over and over like forgive. Does that make it any less significant?


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