One of my most favourite chapters of book of Psalms is Psalm chapter 46. Yeah , I know there are a lot good chapters ( by the mean all chapters are perfect, just saying). 71 times we see the word ” Selah”, at the first I was wondering what does that mean? But soon , I found that the word is not known , however a few interpretations are exist. Like ” so be it ” or ” pause and think ” or ” stop and listen “. We can see this word in chapter 46; 3 times. However I am not here to talk about that word , me and you  are here to ” paus a few minutes and think about God”.

I am willingly taking one step toward my pain to learn God’s Love more, Even it does not prove God will reveal himself more in pain.


This will help me to know I want Him more. That Pain and troubles are nothing compares to His Glory. Let my grieve be a door for his greatness.

In the very first verse of chapter 46 says ” God is our refuge and strength, ” Pause here and think – listen what God will say ? Do we have any other helper to help us? Who is our refuge ? Who will refill us with energy and give us power? Is not God? Of course HE is the ONE. When we say God is our refuge , it means we accept Him as our master . Master of our situation and circumstances. Believing his existence will help us in the times of need. Remember that we can say ” I AM THAT I AM is our refuge and strength ” or ” I AM WHO I AM is our refuge and strength ” ” YHWH is our refuge and strength “. It is not any other God , It is the Father , It is the Son and It is the Holy Spirit … our refuge and strength. Let’s Pause and think about it. Continues says ” and ever-present help in trouble “. Immediately God shows up in the middest of our difficulty. In a second the master of our life help us to over come the challenge .


In verse 2 says ” Therefore we will not fear “. After we believed He is in control , He is our Master than we definitely will not back off . We stand firm in peace and strong. Continue Psalmist says even rivers and mountains and seas and whole the universe be upside down, He is God and still in Control.



Come and see the works of the Lord,.. Selah

Remember the days Lord helped you , Remember his mercy and how his hands help you out- Remember the first days of your believe in Jesus. Who we are and how we do is depends on Him. So , Invite you one more time Come and See How good He is.

“Be still , know that I AM GOD,.. Selah

It is the time to be still and know EVERYTHING in heaven and on earth are HIS. He made it , He Got it. This is promise for my future . This is Hope for my broken world. If He says I AM God , It means a world for me. It means I AM in your place , I AM where you are now. I AM supporting you emotionally , physically and spiritually. May it does not look like but I AM.


The Lord Almighty is with us;

The God of Jacob is our fortress.


In the end I want us focus on this , That HE is with us. Feels good. But He is, really is. Our soul would be fill of his greatness , love and compassion. Whatever we do and wherever we go He is with us and also gone before us to prepare the way.

Please have a moment , Stop and Listen to what He says.



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh



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