Knowing Him

What a day!! Glory! I hope each one of you (as one of my pastor said) : Living in dream! I hope your eyes are fixed in Him, and do not allow others influence their wrong idea in you. But meditate on word of God. Pray God will change you everyday. Fast a few days. Work out on your Salvation . Do what is good!

We need to have a great relationship with God. John says in 4 : 24 God is spirit, We must worship him in spirit and in truth. According to his will having a great intimacy with God we are going to hear from Him and not only that we will be led by Him. There is so much to know about him.

Your life should look different from those people have not known God. We are not weird Christians , we are light. Keep your heart towards Him. Pray and fast . God is looking to you. His blessings is upon on you. God’s heart is beating for you ; speak to him. One of the God character is faithfulness.


God loves how you live and his is very interested in you. He does not look to your face and saying : ahhh I did not make your eyes well!!! No.  “He says you are my child and you are free ” . You are loved. God wants to know you more. Your relationship with God shake all the impure things in your life as you know him better everyday.

Then, when you know him all things are possible. Think bigger but planted. We are living a meaningful life with our creator. We are saved.

Today God will is to bless you and show you the way. Are you willing to take step.

1 Peter 5 : 3

…but be examples to the flock.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Please send your testimonies, I will be blessed to hear from you.



  1. What you’ve written is so beautifully passionate and powerful. . . Maybe one day, too, I can genuinely feel this way. Your prayers would be much appreciated. My name is Jon. Thank you and blessings to you!

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  2. This is beautiful ! I have a devotional /teaching blog as well (you found me on my prayers and poetry one) please check out
    Apparently that blog was hidden from search engines since Nov 2015 I started but it was rectified last week praise God!

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