Love is Home by George MacDonald

A poem by George MacDonald, Love is Home

Love is the part, and love is the whole;
    Love is the robe, and love is the pall;
Ruler of heart and brain and soul,
    Love is the lord and the slave of all!
I thank thee, Love, that thou lov’st me;
I thank thee more that I love thee.

Love is the rain, and love is the air,
    Love is the earth that holdeth fast;
Love is the root that is buried there,

    Love is the open flower at last!
I thank thee, Love all round about,
That the eyes of my love are looking out.

Love is the sun, and love is the sea;
   Love is the tide that comes and goes;
Flowing and flowing it comes to me;
   Ebbing and ebbing to thee it flows!
Oh my sun, and my wind, and tide!
My sea, and my shore, and all beside!

Light, oh light that art by showing;
    Wind, oh wind that liv’st by motion;
Thought, oh thought that art by knowing;
    Will, that art born in self-devotion!
Love is you, though not all of you know it;
Ye are not love, yet ye always show it!

Faithful creator, heart-longed-for father,
    Home of our heart-infolded brother,
Home to thee all thy glories gather-
    All are thy love, and there is no other!
O Love-at-rest, we loves that roam-
Home unto thee, we are coming home!

Knowing the Heart of God by George MacDonald

Your friend

Dariush Youkhaneh

Three Questions God Asked Jonah that Can Applies to Ours

Jonah’s life is an interesting one; We read a portion of his mission to Nineveh. In a couple of days ahead, I will share more about his life and other chapters with you. for now, we go straight to chapter 4 of Jonah.
Let me start by enlightening us. Jonah’s book is full of questions. Start with a question and end with a question. Interesting! Isn’t it?
In my paraphrasing: ” God said to Jonah: Would you go for me to Nineveh’s city? ” And ending with ” Am I not right to forgive the people? “

So, let’s see what the three burning questions God said to Jonah in chapter 4?
1- What right do you have to be angry?
2- What right do you have to be angry about the plant?
3- How much more, then, should I have pity on Nineveh, that great city. After all, it has more than 120,000 innocent children in it, as well as many animals!?

If you read the book of Jonah, you see Jonah was a stubborn person. He did not want to go to a place that God said him to go. He just runs away like a teenage boy. But, there was a process, and God only knew how to deliver it to Jonah. There was a lesson. And Jonah took it hard.
We are the same, Sometimes God has given us a mission to be done, but we have millions of reasons not to do it, And then, when it turns out God was right, we become angry – Do we have right when God is right, and we become angry? Being angry is not sin itself! God has a plan for you, and God has a specific goal, designed only for YOUR LIFE. It does not matter what situation you are in right now! It does not matter what title you are carrying with you. It does not matter how it does look like our bank account every day. It all comes in our obedience to God. Question one is an answer to our circumstances.
Right when God accomplished His plan through Jonah! Jonah got out of the city – to see the wrath of God on that city. But, God had mercy and compassion toward the city as people realised the depth of their wicked ways. And God showed this by a lesson through a plant to Jonah. On a hot-dry day, Jonah enjoyed the shadow of a plant God had grown for him, and the next day the plant is gone, and Jonah complained.
In question two, I guess we can learn that ” Everything belongs to Him, the smallest and the biggest! Let God does what needs to be done. Do not complain about what God has given you and take it back from you; he is the sovereign Lord and has the best interest.

God said:” How come you are angry with a plant which grown in one day and perish the next day but not the 120000 people in my image?

What we can learn from those questions :
1- God wants our obedience (do what God said to you to do)
2- Have compassion ( even with no evidence, be compassionate toward others)
3- Trust ( trust god will be with you)
4- Our God is a God of Mercy (don’t underestimate his mercy toward everyone)

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh’

Dear friend, I am so glad you are here! Thanks for checking out my post today, I hope you are blessed. This blog is for you, and please share it with your loved ones.

Do something..

Don’t disappear, find something you love to do, do something can change you. Don’t worry about what other people thinks. You are already phenomenal. You have been born this way. Why are you stopping? Why are you casting down your soul within you ?

Hold on. Hold on what s right and truth.

Cry if you need to.

Stream if you want to.

Laguter when there is a pain

Love no need reason. No need ” a why”. No need” a condition”. Make a chance by a choice ! Do something!

Need a pair of wing to fly ? Than find it somewhere.

Need a ladder to go to heaven? Than search it till to fund it.

Just look up and keep your heads held high , you are worthy. Pull out the truth within you and proof your self you can, you deserve it.

Let see what God says about you :

You are fearfully and wonderfully made;

You can not control everything, but He can. God works are wonderful,
(I know that full well.)

You are not defined by the world but by the measure of only God whom put Love in you and created it unimaginably. You have not been out of His plan , even one inch.

Now , you can sing Hallehuja.

Hallehuja , that you are an overcomer.

Hallehuja , that you are loved.

Hallehuja that you have a God bigger than your thoughts.

You can do something, you can love Him more. Even with a small version of it.

Emmanuel , God is with us ! That is why we celebrate Christmas ! God truly is with you. Jesus born revealed Fathers love to us. This is massive my friend. If you only say and believe Him in your heart , He will come and changes everything in you.

You can believe again!

Behold Emmanual is with us.

Do somerhing.

You are beautiful.

Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

14 days Bible Verse Challenge / Day 8 , Just Believe

“Jesus said to him, “[You say to Me,] ‘If You can?’ All things are possible for the one who believes and trusts [in Me]!”
MARK 9:23 AMP”

Nothing is impossible for God ! Sometimes we show with our actions that God can’t do , but indeed He can. He is able. We Just need to believe. God’s heart is to heal and restore us. That’s the plan. Not plan B but plan number one.

Don’t ask God if you can ? Just tell Him I believe you can , add to my faith Lord.

Today I believe you can Jesus. I trust in you.

Dariush Youkhaneh

Review of Breakthrough Book by Joyce Smith

Joyce took me there.

God’s Miracle amazed my heart.

Breakthrough is a true story which had happened back in January 2015. Joyce never wrote a book. In fact, she is not a writer. She just wrote what had happened to John. Her adopted son, John Smith. Her second husband Brian and herself adopted John , when he was 2 and half months year old.

Joyce herself from the first husband had 2 sons. However , they gave away their first born Child in the hospital. Joyce slowly reveals her story in the mix of John’s struggling in the bed.

The 14 years old , John Smith went to spend times with his (three)friends which after a short time they went into an Ice Cold Lack. John stuck into Ice water for 20 minutes. Apparently he didn’t know how to swim. The neighbours, the parents , the people were passing and all other were witnessing this. The lifeless body of John laid down on ICU of the nearest Hospital.

According what had been said , One Hour John Smith were breathless. His heart stopped , there were no heartbeat to circle the blood in the body. Brain couldn’t get enough oxygen!

In the last minute, where shift Dr were about to pronounce John Smith dead. The real Display of Holy Spirit shown. Heart restarted, blood were circling in His frozen body, other parts of body were functioning under medical equipments well. No one had a single opinion what is going on. God’s presence were in the room by a desperate prayer of a mother , Joyce.

There were no fantasy explanation of God’s presence. Simply room got lighty and God involved and healing poured out. I am 100% God were able to raise up John for the moment and He could walk out hospital healthy and with out even one scratch on his body. But as always , there is a wisdom in All Things God does. Prayer worked , medical staff got back to work and the Mircale flicked already.

One of the best book you can read these days about God’s goodness toward human. This book has been written from a mother’s eyes. A mother whom admitted her mistakes , past and present, saved by grace and Helped by divine power. Reading this book is recommended if you want to be reminded that God hears our prayer, that He is here to heal us not only our body also our Souls.

It seems this event brought some attention of media and newspapers. There has been a movie according to this as well. She cried out to God in the emergency room. She cried out to the Lord for healing. There may be a repetitive words in the first few chapter. But it looks the book has been edited well. 3 or 4 pages of the book, right in the middle of it, the is an album of photos came in with actors and real people.

In a short summary :

1/ the Mystery character is God

2/ John Smith has been raised from dead

2/ God is a God of Healer

3/ challenges are there , never stop praying

4/ Holy Spirit hears and answers

5/ Joyce is a simple mum , but trusting in a bigger God

6/ Believe with God everything is Possible

7/ community of believers helps

In what area of our life we need healing ? Can we trust Him in the storm ?

Reviewed by

Dariush Youkhaneh

Knowing His will


Faith must be the centre of our belief. Kindness should run like a blood into our body. A true love is sacrificial love , an unconditional love towards ourselves and others. By reducing the expectancy of yours you can relief your inner being to be relax and yourself. We know how much God loves us. We taste it and know. sometimes we forgot our identity in Him. A lot of times that happened to me. But that is not the case. It is more dangerous that I completely be away from His love. Everyone live in Love, knows God and God lives in Him. This is a true and unshakable promise. We don’t carry this anymore. We love more this world rather than his word. A perfect love takes away all fears. No fears anymore will allow be near to a living in love of God person. Because there is a strong relationship to the heaven. I can not tell I am in love with Him but I hate my friend and others.

You are my love always statement will be true when we live in it. By faith , kindness , knowing his will , knowing God and serving with patience/ self control. What would be the next step for me ? Loving people deeply. Full of faith for Jesus. The leads me to holiness , a person parting in His Glory and his divine nature. That is the place the gate of heaven will be opened:



His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge;  and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness;  and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love.  For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  But whoever does not have them is nearsighted and blind, forgetting that they have been cleansed from their past sins. ( 1 Peter 1 3-9).

Practice above principle you will be never shaken. This is a promise of God in our life. Faith is start journey of big things ahead. Take and see how your life will be changed. Meditate on his word day and night.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Keep Smiling / Joy is our portion

A very warm welcome to you if you are new here. I am so honoured to have you with me. You are not guest anymore , your home is here. You are my friend , Please comment anytime as I love to hear from you or visit this blog( home )  again. I love the fact we are international friends – different time and place , different background and skin , in different seasons that makes me even more happy. Because you have a story to tell! Please go ahead and have a look around my blog , search any topic is in your heart in my search bar section , there is a lot to discover , go to my book section , visit my quotes panel. Be inspired..

Today, It is in my heart to talk about Joy and Smile. What makes you smile ? What is in your heart that makes your heart have joy even you may be in the storm? Share with me , comment here , ask your friends and loved ones , ask them how they view you.

God loves your smile , But the reality is , these days it is hard to have a smile on face. The broken world putting so much pressure on us and it gives us every reason not to do so. I Confess that I am not that type of person which in every corner of city when I walk do the big smile. I need to have reason to have smile 🙂 . That , which this sinful nature of humanity need to have. A REASON!. But it does not mean I have not have Holy Spirit Joy in me.

When you have an inner joy within you – the outer smile will come anyway.

Specially the enemy of our faith target those they are young. They have less experience of life. Our young people are more depress these days why? Because enemy likes it.  But God says ” I destroy the plan of enemy and I will give you joy “. Jesus says ” Stand up and Arise ” . I learnt that I do not need REASON to have smile . I can smile without any worldly reasons. Jesus my reason to smile. He is my Joy and everlasting life. There is a story in Bible that from last night seat in my heart. Jesus and his disciples were passing a city , People were going to carry a dead young man which he was the only hope of his widow mum. They were carrying a dead hope of his young son. All her smile were fade away and replaced to a big grieve in her heart.  The Pain in her heart was unstoppable. But Jesus was on the way. The life of all humanity.  The real hope.


Jesus came in to the crowed – and said to his broken mum -” Don’t cry”.  Joy is here. He went on and touch and said ” Arise young man “.  God wants us arise and smile in this broken world. He wants to have his joy carrying within us everywhere we go. He is near with us as we carrying his joy and smile every road we are taken. I am content with this. I have more joy in Him. I have more focus in my life – because my gaze is on him and I am not distracted of beauty of this world. It is yours. God is yours. His peace is yours. His love is yours. I don’t lie if I say he knows you by name , I don’t want to fill your heart with a bunch of good words. I am going to be filled with his promises, He is real. Right there with you. Don’t lose your heart and smile , keep going , keep moving friend there is an open door for you right every door is shut. There is a smile for you right the bitterness  of the world is there.

Joy is a portion for those who love God and following Him. And the joy of the Lord is yours. keep smiling.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

The Story of M.. is the Story of Jesus.

OOOps other way around ! the story of Jesus is the story of Mine.. M M M .. Capital M . ME. The story of Miracle is the story of Jesus.

Every one trying to give his/her own idea- If you believe it than you are looking to it in on way! If I am sharing anything here to you know – it is limited into my own world experience only. I am work in progress still. I may know how to drive but I am not know how to ride a horse. So I am so willingly waiting to know your story in your situation , in your city and country which I do not know what it is like to!  This is were Jesus’ story comes in. Jesus healed sick people – He perused Father’s will to be done and shared beautiful love of Him on the earth. But How come this story was so loudly which went to end of the earth ?

If your story strong enough may be loud it to your city – if you novel it; may sound it through country , if it is pretty famous than go through couple of countries and than through whole earth- but may after a few years be forgotten! But what is the story of Jesus remained remarkable after 2000 years plus still a fresh love story. It is not about creating a new own world for yourself to reach there- It is a bout a personal encounter with Him. It is about reality truth ! If it was not real – it should not be survived till now! Because Jesus himself comforts his own followers with love and compassion even there is no evidence to prove it.  Even in the mix of pain and suffering still His followers , following Him without expecting Him more to give. Takes it more; even his loves one need desperately a miracle for healing; crying out to God but nothing happen , Still they are following Him lovingly with seeking face. What is the story of this?


Grace is the story of redemption. It is God’s world which has been stolen by sin. I am here to have victory over it. God’s word is enough to comfort me even there is no voice of Help. Years after years , getting older and older; looking for purpose and meaning; But right there my story begins when ” In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. ” Yes your story and my story begins with Genesis 1 : 1 . If we are killing someone , we are killing our own ones. We are in one Family , created by One God in forms of Father , Son and the Holy Spirit. Our story is His Story , because Our journey starts when “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ” We did not know where to start he knew and he had a great plan for it. My purpose is to testify His name here , there and everywhere! 

My ” meaning ” is to live a life of honour for Him- I am belong to Him and he is mine. He created me to live for Him. I have no other world except His world. I have no other idea and opinion to makes me doubt of ” my home heaven “.  He made me complex and gives me simple Grace. My own choice do not make me better – I will align it with Father’s will; that make it better for me. I enjoy life – live in it freely. I Help others , love them and forgive them. I receive the hurt and pour it out to God’s feet and He gives me strength to endure it. Because He knows one day we will be with Him forever. My teacher gave his life for this story – the story of redemption and freedom. I heard a thousands gave their life – after a while I heard millions of people gave their life to this story. The story of Jesus. Why Cannot I live in righteousness ? Why Cannot I live in peace , love and freedom?

I have decided to make change – A huge change not inside of me – but people around me even there is a lot other stories seems to stole mines one! My story is the real one because it is the story of Jesus- A heavenly story. A story of true healing and redemption. My repentance accelerate much better everyday. Not the word of my mouth only but the word of my heart evidently changed for a better. That makes me be more genuine and faithful. I peruse it to awesomeness. In every daily activity of my life –  home to school ,  home to work , Home to shopping , in the car , on the way .. In everything – My story is the story of miracle of Jesus in my life.



Now and forever.




Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Serving the Living God




Raising Time

” If you are not particularly excelling at something, remember that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Before you learn how to succeed you must first learn how to fail.

Before you gain something you must first give something.

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows, it is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, Me, no one, is going to hit you as hard as life but life ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how wining is achieved.

Do not live life like everyone else;  be your own person, live your own life like no one else ever has. There is only one Michael Jordan, there is only one Muhammad Ali , there is only one YOU.

Life is not about being perfect, it’s about putting in effort and brining that effort every single day. That’s where transformations ha[[end, that’s how change occurs.  ” – From Nicholas ( AIME mentee) Mentoring , The Key to a fairer world  Page 146.

There is so many things ahead that we have not discovered yet in life. I brought to you the above inspiring words from Nicholas who is a aboriginal in Australia. There are a lot of truth in Nichola’s words. But It is not enough to stop there. Inspiring words are not enough we need to live in it. We won’t be happy most of the times that is a reality in our life. WE need to experience this life which has given us as a gift. You are saying I have not choose to be here but you got a choice how to live it. Doing life alone is miserable and hard but that won’t be like this anymore because we have a God who predestined our story. 


God says ” You did not choose me , I choose you and appointed  you  “. When we have been died to our own world , ugly and beaten in our own way , He called us friend and loved. We have been positioned from a slave to a friend, From homelessness to a safe lovely home. This is a reminding trig to ourselves to love ourselves and others. When I am rescued than I am able to rescue someone else. Now , we are dependence on Him.

After transformation we realise the life we have now , it is not ours anymore but for whom appointed us to be here. When he lives , we live too. The good news for all of us is He lives forever and  we reign and live with Him.

But God did not stop there he also gives us mission to bring others to this eternal life by bring forth fruit. Yes , Failing is a part of learning. I am so happy to be here and enjoy the life I have. Be proud to who I am and where I go! The reality is now you are adopted as sons and daughters of God. No longer salves of desire of this selfish world but joyfully and peacefully in His arms to do his will according his glorious word.

Walking with God changes me inside deeply and makes me stronger than before. Pushing a desire of to know him more. In this world of mechanic and media and technology – I am focusing on Him to remove all these distractions around me that they are wanting to robe my peace and love in Him. Our young people need to learn How they trust in Him , They need to know that where they came from. The need to pray and read and hide the word of God in their hearts and live it well. In a society where there is no name of God – there will be no need of God. He said ” I will be found by YOU “. I am appointed but do I know my position in Him or this world stealing me from Him.


Jesus said ” I have told you these things “. He told us before that would trouble for us in this world , it is time to raising up and be an example generation to come. How can we forgotten his goodness and kindness to our ancestors. How can we forgotten the believe they had to our living God. Let not the comfort of this life rob you and me from his plan and purpose.

We have to confront ourselves. Do we like what we see in the mirror? And, according to our light, according to our understanding, according to our courage, we will have to say yea or nay – and rise! ” – Maya Angelou 

Yes says the Spirit they are blessed indeed , for they will rest from their hard work, for their deeds will follow them ” – Revelation 14 : 13

Tough times are always there – let me and you approach it as a learning platform. To gain be a better person. They are there to not killing you but to make us strong. Let’s change our mindset and give everything to God by prayer. Let’s declare it LOUD and CLEAR – CRY OUT to Him by his Spirit.

Billy Graham well said ” When we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the beginning of God.”


It is a raising up time. Rise and Shine

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




A Conversation! read it till end..

I believe in everlasting love. To returning of Jesus Christ. To the Holy Spirit. To almighty God who will come and wipe out forever this pain and suffering in this current world. I believe in endless hope and possibilities. Reason behind reason to love each other in sorrow and downing time on the planet. Is it by my ability? Never. Can I access to this incredible love. Yes.

Yesterday , I had great conversation with a friend. Which who his life was apart but ONE spark of Holy Spirit mended all pains in his heart. Fatigued back from work – dropped my backpack at home. My eyes was falling down- it was a half tyring day. I drove home about 2 km. Parked my card and I changed my close ready going to a Men’s even. Before, last night one the verse impacted me and thoughtfully thinking about that verse. If God is within us and God is love. Why are not we love. Then I back thinking about the original sin- because that sin – God’s love apart from us. That was not end of story. My mind overview how God sent many people to rescue- to return his people to his love. One human brought miserable to this world but One man brought joy to us forever.

Back to conversation, I arrived the place . I wore black t-shirt , a light blue jean and a nice black boot. I sprayed Dolce & Gabbana Intenso eau de perfume. I use this eau de perfume recently as it was a birthday gift. Although my fav perfume at all the time was/is Georgia Armani Acqua Di Gio . Not that spice like Dolce. But it seems I liked the new perfume – It was not bad. I arrived to Men’s event at our church. You can smells from 200mt away the foods as they have been cooking for the event.

Three fashion cars outside the yard and three motorbike inside foyer of the church. I found my self to say ‘ wow’. I entered to worship- Stayed for worship songs and praising my creator. After I took step out , as I was so hungry. There was a small shopping mall – I saw an old church-friend.

I said to him , If you like join me I am going to buy something as they are selling beef-burger ( I am allergic to red meat for your info :P). He said , yes why not – we went to an Mexican place nearby.

He bought a coffee , He said I had something and I bought a Burrito sandwich. Beautifully , deliciously wrap in chicken , red bean ….

I started to say this spring was a driest spring after 15 years in Australia. We haven’t had rain for about 4 months. My mam says always how these trees around are still green , they need water. He says : Yes that is right indeed. It is a really sunny day and at least nights are cooler. Much better at night. In my back home country people sleep at the top of the home. Their home – roof is flat not the most home here have edges.


He was saying very enthusiastically like you are there right now.

I said: Oaky, interesting. You would be coming to church long time isn’t it?

” Yes, hmmm, I am coming from 2011 ”

I knew , there will be a salvation story – something that Jesus brought them to this place. I was more listening less talking at this stage.

I said: ” You told me before you are working for a security company , are you still working there?”

” yeah , I am working , but only for the weekend , I mostly work in a supermarket now . I think it is better – although may a bit heavy lifting work , but I like it “

” That’s great man  , I am happy for you , how’s your family , all are doing well?”

He said : ” Oh yeah , we have a little 8 months old baby girl . busy life , it is a complete different what I expected before “

” Wow congratulations ! What did you expect?”

He said ” look , when you are alone , you do the stuff by your own choice , but when you are two , you need to put other person’s choice count as well . Sometimes disagreement will happen, Are you single? “

“Yes , I am . But I have seen a lot, how God shown me the way , I grown up a large family and I saw how God brought us from down to up , I have seen the miracles and his hands always upon us. “

He said : ” I believe some people are chosen , for example Abraham was chosen , who is willing to sacrifice his son for an unseen God? ” Abraham did it. How? Because he was chosen . And I am feeling I am chosen .”

I said : ” How ?”



He said : ” I have been trying to do right things , not lying , do good to people around me when I was back home , when I came here , I almost lost my faith and I reaped the Bible and I was so angry , and I said  God why did you brought me here , in a foreign country ? Is this your well?”

” Tell me about it ”

“My marriage was falling apart , I went to court , I hit my wife , I was so angry and bitterness got me all. My wife took my 2 kids to her mums’ house . Days past , one day I was alone at home. My relative to come and visit me . There was a 9 years girl told me ‘ Jesus loves you ‘ when she said those words I do not know what happened but I felt all bitterness and bad things was wiped from my heart and even I forgot what I did to my life and wife, straight away I called my wife and I said to her I am changed and I love Jesus because he changed me , My wife was believer and she was praying for me. But believe me when I said , she backed to home with two kids even we did not remind ourselves what happen , we started a new beginning. Even we went to court and my wife said , he changed and I am willing to stay with Him and I love him more than before , How my friend? Jesus changed me life through a 9 years old girl , He changed my life forever, I love my back home country , but God chosen me be here at this time because he has a plan in my life ,even I can not see it now , even may I can not taste it. Life has sweet and bitter things but our relationship is good now , we have a baby girl now ”

I said : ” I believe you are chosen , and God brought here for a reason! “

He said : ” Go ahead , if you are ready to share your life with someone , do it! But before that throw your life in the hands of God. “

” Yes , I believe I am chosen by Him , By His Grace , even he stopped me several times for disobeying His commands , This is not my ability , when I was 13 years old I spoke in God’s language, I got water baptise when I was 21. I love God and people , even I made mistake but He never left my side. I believe in protecting-angel for God’s people? Do you?  

                                                                                                                                               He said  : ” Yes , I do”

“And I think and believe it in my heart. God is looking after you and your family , Just look ahead “

He said : ” You’ll find your heart desire when you are pursuing God’s will “

” Thanks mate “

He said ” Oh my kids , I think is the time to go back “

” Lets go “

Our Father in heaven how good you are when we look to you Jesus even, we hear your name from another person will change our life radically forever. Not for that we are waiting for your return Jesus , Here all good things for us , it is not the end of story , Having a good family is good but it is not the end , Having a good faith is good but it is not end… Only in you and in you we are in rest. You said I am going to prepare a place for you , we are waiting patiently for your coming even it hurts the waiting time, we testimony your name to everyone. Because you are God our Yahweh, Our Jesus who died for us on the cross and His love is unlimited forever. Thank you that you are with us. I am pursing your love every moment even with all my failures you wash me with the blood of your Son.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




Faith is Colourful.

..The life I now live in the body, I live by FAITH in the Son of God, Who loved me and gave himself for me.

Faith is not a motion or emotion. It is a real thing we deal. If you believe it heart fully it will take you to next step. So why these days we do not see much the real faith around, because there is no genuine believe in it even, our self-conscious are not active and sincerely believe it. So what is the reason of it? The short answer would be : comfort and not whole heart surrendering everything to Him, to another word not believing in unseen or the things we can not see.

When we ask something we need to believe it to happen for us and there would be no doubt and hesitation or not going to happen. 100% your heart , your soul and your mind must believe that will happen. To satisfy your mind; it is up to you to fix it up , Tell your mind be silent and listen to heart to believe it. Because doubt is like a wave in the sea takes you anywhere. You believe in Jesus Right? You believe in His Name Right? So now you are asking things like from Son to Father. You and I need to believe our Father is able and can make us new. This needs our faith to be colourful. Faith in healing , Faith in word , Faith in Jesus , Faith in better things ahead , Faith that He is able.

Let’s think about this. If my Faith can change me , the things and people around me , why not to taste it and believe my Father( God ) is powerful. There are so many example in the Bible about Faith from Moses and Joshua to Paul and Jesus.

Faith is a lovely Mum’ sing – La La La – for her kid, Faith is a really honest and genuine friend that will never let you down. It is a beauty of blue ocean. It is a lovely tree that will bring in all four seasons all kind of fruit. It is a sun will shine in your life.


Faith is colourful in the black and white world.

John [3:36] says ” Whoever believes in the Son has eternal Life.. ” so Faith has an everlasting attribute to attach. If you and I just believe , How our world will change. Believe in Him not in our limited ability. Faith in His powerful wisdom not in our limited understanding. It will not take you back , it will push you forward. Faith looks the best in people and change their life forever and ever.

The first channel is to believe in the Blood of Son. You are gone 80% of the way. Believe in the Holy Spirit and Father , you are gone 99% of the way. The 1% is believe in You. That you are made in the image of God and your likeness of Him now.

John [3:18] says ” Whoever believes in him is not condemned..” and ” Whoever believe in me , as scripture has said,

rivers of living water will flow from within them”

This river is within you, and will overflow gratefully. It will bring life and peace to you and people around you. It will supernaturally provide all sort of needs on the earth. It will heal us. It will revive us.

The problem most of us is , we so much flash-back. People are healed still go back and talk about how miserable I was. Testimonies are good in a better way to encourage others. But some of us till living in past – there is a better future are ahead if we only believe and have faith God can do great things ahead. Lets talk about the beauty of heaven and future . Lets sing praise and good news of Christ. Lets speak life to each other. Lets make decision and this pain and suffering will be away by the Faith in the Son of God.

” Go” , Said Jesus, ” your faith has healed you “..[Mark 10:52a]


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Ice Cream| Belief | Faith

Ice Cream!

Hot Hot Hot , I think i am boiling now!

Because is summer and very hot here and I really like ice cream + cone + choc .


I bought three of this in McDonald a few days ago , and i was alone in car , i do not know what i thought and how can i keep three soft cone and drive ! Although home was about 1 kilometer away . Do not ask me! three traffic light , all three was red ! and the soft cones was melting like candle and turning to milk and all my dress was milky ,. By the time i arrived my car was a mess. I know! Do not tell me.

Okay.. anyway


It was maybe many years ago . I had an conversation with one of my old friend about the Spirit and the paradise and the hell. After many hours and talking about different aspect of the spirit we could not reach to any point . My friend was a Muslim friend which i really respect Him in any way.  But He opened his mouth as said : ” I am an atheist “. I thought he is Muslim but he was an atheist.  because he did not believe to any . He said everything would be finished in here. I talked to Him and with love about what i believe and experience but he was staying on his words firmly.


You may have many people in your life which they basically do not believe in anything. They will not believe to simple framework our belief! When you think about this , you say how come this people even live ! do they have any hope?

So , Yes they do have hope , but not the hope we have , they have hope to seen things , but we do hope to unseen things. We believe to a new world that God will provide for his lovers. We believe in spirit . Oh Yes we believe in heaven and hell.

Faith !

Sometime my Faith get lose and needed to remind myself time by time that God is in control , even in healthy time which would help me in crisis. There are many story in the Bible. But last night i was reading the faith of a Centurion. I was amazed . I was overwhelmed by this believe . I said God. Of Father , create in me this kind of Faith which i can only say and your will be done. The reason i am lacking today is because of faith . My faith need to be increase . About a year ago i was in a prayer meeting and a person prophesied over me and said : ” Your Faith is going to be increased “. This is Faith can calm the storm . This is Faith can clear the way and rescue us from this flesh world. When Noah was building the Ark , no one believed in Him, but according to His experience and believe , he has faith in God even if no one could believe in Noah. But He had Faith. َ


Abraham had Faith in God. The Centurion had Faith in God. The paralyzed had Faith in God. Paul had Faith . Mother Teresa had Faith . Martin Luther King had Faith. C.S Lewis had Faith( Later on).

“But without Faith it is impossible to please him”. If you want to restore your Faith In Him , You need simply put the earthly things away and have more time to spend with God and ask Him that God please restore in me a new heart to know you more. May most of us getting cold and /or repeating the same everyday and it seems a little bored. This is back to us , because a really healthy relationship is never bored. It is same as any relationship. Are you investing more in this?   Others tried many many years they have never been bored. They have been people ( ordinary one) like us.

Faith is the heart of our life. It is a MUST have for our soul.

Hebrews 12:2 says Jesus the author and finisher of our FAITH. 

Walk by Faith not by Sight. In hard times , In easy times.

Oh i have a lot to write for you. but let me leave it for next time. Hold what you believe and maintain your Faith in Jesus Christ that will be a benefit in you.Thank Jesus will say ” “Truly, I tell you, with no one in my nation have I found such faith.”

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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Count the Countless Blessings

This Christmas is a good time to tell all your needs to Jesus. For us , as a new generation in 21st century boys and girls how hard is to tell our needs , even bring it to the lips. The fight of machine and electronic stuff with human seems is endless.  We are in a mood of ourselves . We forgot where we came from.

List all the occasion you were blessed in your life in 2016. Even small thing counts. Remember you have been supported , helped , blessed by someone else or something  supernatural things took place. They are not chance or coincidence. They are a group of countless blessings from above. Even you may not be a believer still you have experienced some of great miracle in your life which you may called it ‘ luck’.


I just want to tell you He hasn’t finished yet. He is got a great things only and uniquely made and designed for you to be taken. Always on time! Start counting how many occasions had happened for you and begin to dreaming how greatly He is going to do from now on. If you can not count it let His angels help you. Keep your head held high and see the ocean of blessings coming to you and It is going to water the desert of your life.

Read this and be encouraged :

Ephesians 1:3 “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.”

Jesus wants to bless you spiritually and physically. You can count the countless blessings of these two prospective. During the ministry of Jesus on the earth , He healed people’s body and also their souls. We believe in Bible , the only book God can directly speak to you through it. We believe in His Son , Jesus Christ. The only way we can mend the broken relationship with God. Let these beliefs overflow in your heart and your heart and mind and body be ready for the great blessings of Him.“When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.” – C.S Lewis.


God has a new blessing only for you.

He loved you even in your hardship this year past. He watched you. Let people think what ever they want. But you grab the goodness of God. Let them think you are narrow minded. But you be single-minded, only you know that you have the close relationship with God. Let the blessings of God shine on your way. You list them , count them , love them. God’s word is your food.

My dearly Father , I pray for your people whom you loved before the creation. I pray for strengthen their soul , for everything they do . Teach them your  way . Let them be touch by the power of the Holy Spirit. You be their teacher. Father remind them for so much blessings you already given them. The bless of family , the bless of being on the earth even with pain. Lord we do not count it as luck but a blessing from you Oh God. The year we past we had so many blessings we simply thanking for it , we appreciate for your goodness. Still Father we are waiting to great things even more great things happen in our life. What an honour to know you. We trust you.

Would you like to pray for the year past? Would you want to praise Him for the countless blessings in your life? Are you ready to honour him in your life?

Why not now? It is not late. Count the countless blessings in your life and give Him thanks. You see How God be pleased.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

I want to know Christ.

I want to know Christ–yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death. ( Philippians 3 : 10 ).

I want to know Him. I want to become like Him in anything. Here Paul saying i preferred to loos anything and gain the Christ. I want to know who He is. I want to know who he is which really changed me inside out. I’ve never had this experience before. It  seemed impossible for me to change .My eyes was closed ,  to regulations and the law surrendered me. I was seeing the things through the lanes of this world not Him. I want to know that person which shifted my prospective.

By knowing Christ , your prospective , your inner being will be shaped in a positive way . Somehow you will be a new creation . I want to know Him because He lift me up and will show me who I am in Him.

The power of His resurrection somehow will resurrect me from my death. The power of His resurrection will make me alive. The power of His resurrection will heal me . I gain eternal life ,  I pass a face of shame and condemnation to reach His glory . I’ll be like Him.

Paul is saying because he was longing to know Christ. He was longing to become a person like His master. Who is your master today? . The master I am introducing is not from this world although He came and died for me and you, but He overcame the world. Yes , this is the beginning of our journey. The journey is the destination and the process is the goal.


Sometimes we need to be like a baby to know Him

I wan to know Him , whom loved me and loving and caring me everyday . His hands are powerful and His mighty power above all. Can you tell Him today from your heart , that I want to know you Jesus?.

Pauls is writing to Philippians church , a church which he established in His second missionary  journey (52AD). Remember God sent Paul by a vision to Philippi. So this city needed to know Christ. The Sin has broken our relationship with our creator , that’s why God sent His only son to heal this and to offer us eternal life. Now we have chance to know Him. Now we have this opportunity to open door for Him to coming in our hearts. Jesus says I sand behind the door and knock whoever open the door, i will come in and have dinner with Him. Do you want to know Him? Have dinner with Him, open up your heart for Him, He is ready to know You but where are you?

You need to take step , God doesn’t force you because He created you with a free-will. He does NOT want bad and ugly things for you, He is for you. Yes sometimes we need to turn back to His arms , He will give us some signs . He is your Father , Your heavenly Father, You are an apple in His eyes. Do not let your past , present and future stop you to know Him.

The most amazing thing you can possibly do is ‘to know Him’.

God is ready .

Wanna be freed ? know Him

Wanna be healed? know Him

I’d like to offer this song of mine to all of you:

I wanna know you

I long to see you


Show me your glory

Show me your mercy

Love .. Joy..Patience .. will be mine


I wanna be like you- Open my eyes

I wanna be YOU- open my heart.



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

If this word encouraged and talked to you please send me your testimony through the comment.

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You are Complete in Him

“and in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.” ( Colossians 2 : 10 )

Our faith , our love , our knowledge all back to Him. The above scripture acknowledged that we are full with the grace of God. We have been brought to fullness.

We have been living in our world , in our sinful nature desires. Since we have not been in His grace , we have been following our wishes which have not been line with God’s grace. There is no fullness in our world. There is no wholeness in our thinking way.

You are complete when you make yourself apart from the sinful nature and stick yours to Christ. Since , Now, Christ will fill with His presence . He will make you new again. When you go to His presence with repentance in your heart He will accept it and long to fill you with His Holy presence.


Also Beloved John talk about this in His first chapter (1 : 16 ) . Apostle Paul also told about this to Ephesians that they might be filled with the fullness of God. And Interestingly this fullness is not for particular group of people. This is for everyone who is in Christ.

In the Second Part of Colossians 2 : 10 shows that Christ has all authority rather than on this physical world or in Heaven ( Spiritual realm ).

Christ is alpha and the Omega. He is the beginning and the end. In Him you are complete.
Please , pay more attention to this He is all over every power . He is almighty , the son of living God.

Beautifully, in this ,  you have a position to rest in Him and give your worries and everything that this world labelled you for. There is no other name can brought you to fullness. There is no other power can do that for you. Except in Christ who is son of man and son of God.

People are looking for a perfect peace and fullness. In History a lot people tried to reach that perfect stage of wholeness. But only in Jesus you can reach that fullness of full.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh




Walk with God.

Why we are confuse around and looking for answers? Why we do not know which way to go?

And so many other questions that no one can answer you?

Have you ever asked a question that no body in this world can answer that? If you are that person , you are welcome here because I can not answer your question too.

I can not answer your question why people are suffering now, I can not answer any of your question that I can not! But I have one thing that hopefully answer your all questions. And will set you free as soon as you get it in your heart.

but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. (Romans 8 :5 )

You need to set your  mind in the Spirit and what the Spirit desires. When you live in accordance to this you will get your all answers.

There is power trusting in the Spirit of God.

When you set your mind and heart with the Spirit, everything else will not be really matter. What I mean by that? When Christ is in you , You have already what you need. Let not your mind be led by the flesh.

You can not please God and the world together.

When your mind led by the Spirit you have life and peace. Do not trust your flesh. Trust in Him. Be in realm of God that you may please God and get abundantly blessings.

I know , There is always something, someone to blame it for.

You made by the Spirit.


You are not belong to flesh instead to the Spirit. You praise Him in the Spirit , You see Him in the Spirit. So why are you trying to find your answers and peace and joy in the flesh?

I love you, And that is why I am writing to you, because this is my mission to show you the love of God which is in the Spirit , not flesh. If I was doing what I am doing now in flesh I could not keep it up. I am writing because telling you that Jesus Loves you and He cares for you. You can not see Him , But He can see you, that what the Faith means, that what the Hope means till one day you will see Him face to face, but for now you have to think , act and be in the Spirit.

You are the friend of God when you set your mind in the Spirit( be believing). You are light. You are becoming like Him.

You are found, You are loved , You are healed and You are free…

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers,  neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8 : 39 ).

Do not let anyone , anyone ..take your Hope in Him. He is coming soon.

Oh my Jesus , Bless whoever is reading this now and show them your love and mercy . Father pour out your spirit over them and over the family and household. In Jesus Name


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh


Sweet LOVE

My three posts in this blog are base on LOVE topic you can read it:

1- Love on the way

2- Unending love

3- God’s love = ∞

Why is love so important in our life.  I believe Love is everything. Because in the heart of our God is Love. You can melt the mountain by Love. Love breath into dead life and make it alive. Love is centre of your life. Love is like fountain that gives you fresh water. You feel alive. Love gives you life. Love gives other life too.

What is Love? Love is kind . Love is patient . Love is comfort. Love is confidence. Love is humble. Love honours others. It will rejoice to see others happiness. Love will delight in good and rejoice again with the truth. Love record the rights. Love is hope. Love is truth. Love makes and creates peace. Love is freedom.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. ( 1 Corinthians 13 : 4-8 )

This love never fails .

Are you with me? My dear friends He did all and more than these to us by Jesus.

Jesus is Love. And His love is yours.

If I have a perfect believe and do huge miracles and in everything be carful and do all right things but IF I do not have LOVE , I did nothing.

roses photos
Love is soft.

Love is everything.

When you truly Love God and go deep in Him,  you’re changed and changing others.

Love do not mind for which type you are. Love do not separate but dresses the wounds. God is Love because He is the source of Love. His love to us never be ended. And you are loved to. because you have been formed in his love. He created you by love.

I encourage you today . Put the love of father first and ahead in your life. Is there any area in your life you need add Love. I am sure will be some area so do I . Let love of God surpass all.

Love your family . Love your wife and husband . Love your mum and dad. Love your kids. Love your city . Love God and yourself and others.

Love , Love , Love.




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




Psalm 119 : 73

Your hands made me and formed me;
    give me understanding to learn your commands. ( Psalm 119 : 73).

God’s hand made us to His image. We are not made to any other power or divinity or by any other thing you can think or traditions says. Psalmist says His hands made me and formed me. In Genesis we read :

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. ( Genesis 2 : 7 ).

When God formed you, He breathed into your life , with his breath you became a living being. God did miracle instantly , He made something out of nothing. Don’t you think that His hands can protect you too?

We see the Lord never forsaken you, because you are made in His image by His hands for His purpose . If you are tired he Knows you are human because he made and formed you. If you are worry he knows still you have emotions and everything must be in order for you so He cares about you all you need is lean on Him like a new born baby and sleep sweetly!

Look at this . He gives you understanding and wisdom to hold on his truth. In the visible world you need his power to go forward, He knows you need his understanding to perceive what is good , what is right an what is sweet for your soul. That’s why David says in here that : “give me understanding to learn your commands “.


By learning God’s love you understand of His plan in your life.  Let your heart be completed in His presence . When God made you He gave you also purpose . He gave you wisdom . He gave you a weapon( love)  to fight a good fight of faith for Him. He formed you with Love , Because God is love. He formed you strong , because He is strong.

Live a life of fun and free in Him. You are no like others. You are YOU. Nobody be like you. because you are made like Him. You are The Lord hands made. You are smelling special for Him because you are His child forever. Does not matter what you’ve done or what you are doing you are still belong to Him. You can have a relationship with Him right now and let Him be your Lord forever. He never forget you . You are like a baby sweet for Him. Father , Love you a lot .

We can not measure your hands power . We cannot comprehend your awesomeness Lord.

Father Thank you for your love and grace , thank you that your hand made and formed us .Thank you that there is power in your presence Lord , We love you not because you gave us wisdom and understanding because you loved and love us who we are . Thank you for you presence , thank you for what we have now   , thank you  for what we do not have ( because there is a wisdom) . Thank you Jesus for your great love for us. Thank you Holy Spirit that you speak to us every moment . Thank you for our country , our city , our friends , our family our neighbours. In Jesus Name Amen.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh





God is still faithful in any way. The world do not listen to us and we are not belong to World.  God is still on your side even the world arrest you for your righteousness. For your truth .

They arrest Jesus.

They arrest Paul.

They arrest Peter.

They arrest John.

And they will arrest you. But still God is faithful and you are going to be a witness for His glory. In all above examples:

When they arrested Jesus , the law was fulfilled and Jesus saved the world .

When they arrested Paul , the gospel went through like a swore till Rome.

When they arrested Peter and John the number of believers went up very fast , grew to about five thousand ( Acts 4 :4 ) .


If there is a pain in your life  , use it as a tool to glorify Him. He knows your pain as he knew the pain of Christ on the cross but the result of being patient is fantastic and you will be rewarded the crown of life.

Your outcome more important than your Pain. Your purpose is in more priority of Your sorrow.

This will be found in Paul’s journey . He put first His saviour than His plan. This is that Paul before was following  and  killing believers.

In Matthew 26 : 47 – 56 Jesus was arrested in the garden at gethsemane. Relationship restored and The hope aroused.

In Acts 21 : 27-37  Paul was arrested in the temple. The gospel went to Asia and far around.

In Acts 4 Peter and John been was arrested in the town. The outcome 5 thousands believed.

In Acts 29 YOU and ME will be arrested by the world because of our faith.  The result is crown of life.

The world wont be able give you eternal joy. Buy in Him is complete Joy and Hope. Come still if you are in doubt and fear , come still if you are hurt , come still if you are broken. His message is love and grace for you. His presence fulfil your all need . His endurance covers your impatience mind. His wounds will heal you inside out.

God is still Faithful even we are not. God is Love even we are not. God is Kind even we are not. God is same , today , tomorrow and forever.  In your middle of darkness and confusion God is still faithful Just trust in Him.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Love on the way!

It is up to you. It is all to you not others . May others push you away but finally you are going to make the final decision.  However you are not alone anymore. His Spirit lead you home. Guide you to a new home. What decision are you making today?


I have decided . I have already accepted. We read this in :

JOHN 3 : 16

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

There is a lot decision you can make. But to be honest this is the best decision you gonna make: surrender your life to Jesus. You know why? because you will earn the eternal life. you will earn His love, you will earn the real peace…

There is no such fake things in Him, There is no such things with empty promises. I love this . I love that he loved us first. wow wow wow .

“You are my Lord, because You have no need of my goodness.”
Augustine of Hippo, Confessions   

He has no need our goodness but we need his loving passion love everyday.

God already submitted his love to us through His son Jesus Christ . This is not a religion thing , this blog is not a religion blog at all. It is all about His love and mercy. He died for you and me. That’s why I am here to write this good news of His love to you. we all in our journey , we may make mistakes but his loving kindness cover us. He came to heal you, be with you.

love on the way

“I look forward, not to what lies ahead of me in this life and will surely pass away, but to my eternal goal. I am intent upon this one purpose, not distracted by other aims, and with this goal in view I press on, eager for the prize, God’s heavenly summons. Then I shall listen to the sound of Your praises and gaze at Your beauty ever present, never future, never past. But now my years are but sighs. You, O Lord, are my only solace. You, my Father, are eternal. But I am divided between time gone by and time to come, and its course is a mystery to me. My thoughts, the intimate life of my soul, are torn this way and that in the havoc of change. And so it will be until I am purified and melted by the fire of Your love and fused into one with You.”
Augustine of Hippo, Confessions 

If God leading your heart then he is leading your life. Love is on the way we decide to choose it.


For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Romans 10 : 13

Who ?

Everyone .


Eternal life.


God knows.

Choose love today. Choose Him.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Please send me your encouragement comment and testimony and how this decision shape your love forever.






fix your eyes on Jesus

Although , confused and shocked. Although we do not know which way to go and looking for an open door, it seems everything is mess up BUT fix your eyes to HIM. We do not trust any human , we do not have confidence to the things or anything you see and is tangible in this world. We believe in invisible God so why are we going to believe in visible things?

He made the thing on this world for us . He created things in Heaven and Earth. He trusted in you that you govern the things. He breathed a new fresh spirit that you can have wisdom in everything. Do not let anyone judge you by what you’ve done or you are doing!

Do you want your prospective change over the things? Fix your eyes on Him.  So you may ask question how I fix my eyes when seems the storms are so big for me. I give you one example from bible.

You will change if you change inside and becoming like Him.


Let’s go together open the book of Colossians chapter 1 from verse 15 to 22.(Colossians 1 :15-22)

If you really believe in Him , you have to believe what Jesus says about Himself in scripture. We know that the Holy Spirit is the author of the bible through his people he has done his plan .

The situation of the need of the Holy and faithful brothers and sisters in Christ at Colosse. You and me are in the same situation now, although we may faithful in everything but still we are in so much trouble forgot to fix our eyes in Him. But good news is here we overcome the world already .

Paul wrote to us too, He brought beautifully an image of Christ for us and said that related to centre of our faith. He said to our normal language : ” Hey , I know you are in trouble , but do you know by Christ all things were created, the things you see now and the things you can not see now ” He continues and reveals a good declaration that ” You see the powers now , you see the authorities now , oh my friend all things were created BY HIM and FOR HIM.

Did you just realise that? BY HIM and FOR HIM. Potentially everything. Paul remind us and encourage us that ” CHRIST IS BEFORE ALL THINGS ” . He is gone the way before you and prepare it for you, He is gone and prepared a table for you. Do you believe in that?  Believe it and become it. This means fixing our eyes on Him when the storms comes. declare that ” My Jesus is before all things , My Jesus know the way , I just trust in Him, He went the way ”

After your declaration and becoming like Him , now God’s spirit dwell in you( although you receive in your salvation , you release it now) in whatever you do, because you are in full control of the Holy Spirit. Then you smile in trouble , then you are in peace in the storms , because you became like Him. Because God’s fullness dwell in Christ now you have the fullness of God.

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.(Colossians 1:15)

Let the invisible God – form your heart and give you strength to move for

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

That’s what we made for

We made for life. We made to try . We made to live a life of legacy. How can it be? Just give it ago. I know sometimes its hard , I know sometime seems its impossible, but it is not! Not at all. People call it to be ‘ smart ‘ you do not need to be smart to have Joy! Do you?

May your smart philosophy mind get you comfort things.  Oh my dear friend late or soon you know you can not buy ‘ JOY ‘ .  But there is HOPE. There is LOVE , that can take you to a new life. a life of Faith. God loves you.

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9 : 8

He is able to make you life fresh. He is able to take away your pain. He is able to restoration your relationship . He is able to give you understanding and wisdom. He is able to give you a new start. He will abound you with His grace and mercy . You are lovely and awesome.

How sweet is to be His friend. He will provide your all need at all times. Your times is in His hands. This is His promise to make you new. The Holy Spirit is within you. If you just allow Him to release inside of you.


Life is beautiful. You made to be His.


The good thing of seasons , are ,  they come and they go. So do not worry about anything . I meant everything. God is able. If we confess and put His will first  , we start to see the things differently.

That’s what we made for. To be HIS .For Life. For Freedom…

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5 : 1

Stand firm in your freedom. Stand firm in His presence in whatever you do. Are you a house-wife? Stand firm. Are you a business man? Stand firm. Are you a student ? stand firm. Are you a mum , dad , husband , wife , sister , brother ? stand firm and love your family.

That’s what we made for. T0 love one another deeply. To forgive each other humbly. To be patient in everything. Because you are adopted to be His children , you are chosen people. You are who God selected you to be HIS. Because He loved you first and died for you.

Lets start from now , to see different.



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Part 2 Balak and Balaam

Recall from my early post about Balak and Balaam from Book of Numbers chapter 22.

As I promised I am going to part 2.

Click here for reading Part 1 Balak and Balaam.

As Balak was faced a huge number of Israelites. He was looking for a solution to defeat Israelites. He sent his princes to welcome God’s message from His prophet , Balaam.

When Balaam asked God for the answer , He already answered him in one message . God said : ” They are blessed”.


Now , this part is about Balaam’s donkey, be with me and lets see what will happen.

Now Balaam several times went to presence of God about what to do. In our general language he says like this : God they are still coming and I know you answered me but they want a answer and they want me to come with them. And the Lord saw Balaam a half eye keen to go with them told Balaam at the end : Okay you can go with them but listen and do what I tell you to do.

On the road an angel of the Lord stood and stopped the Balaam’s donkey to go. But Balaam did not realize that the Lord stopped the donkey and was beating his donkey harshly. When his eyes was opened , God , still did not stop him not to go , God said what was told the last time.

We ask sometimes the things are not good for us or in the wisdom of God , we go in the presence of God and ask him , ask him ( as we know that thing not really a wise for me) and eventually God will say : okay if you want to go , go.

It is right to ask God everything we need or we want. But Listen and wait till God gives you a direction is even more wiser . If you do hurry the things God will stop you ( as this means he really cares about you) and this stopped may have long consequences for your life. But it does not mean you are out of God’s plan. His plan are great and awesome for you. As you read God stopped Balaam’s Donkey but He did not stop Him what he attended him to do. It means your circumstances do not define your plan in God.

God is God. You are You, created like Him.

Think about that, how Jesus will act in your scenario , How he will respond. Put your feet in Jesus’ shoes. and Walk like Him .

God opened Balaam’s donkey mouth and she began to speak. I believe if you are for Him , He will open the doors for you, He will do things that you can not even imagine. He will use and He will open the mouth of things or those to His plan for your life be established.

Today , God wants to open the many donkey’s mouth to glorify Him in any area of your life. God wants to change around your situation . He wants to make you whole again. It is a matter of being humble. He says come if you are new in me , come if you be away from me awhile , come to me.

Father , I pray that your beautiful and powerful hands covers any person reading this right now. I pray father bless them, direct them to your way, love them again Lord as they are loved and beautiful in You. nothing is impossible those have trust in You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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Obey and take the land.

“ The Lord your God Himself will fight for you” these are the words Moses was saying to Israel.  In chapter 3 of Deuteronomy Moses pour out his heart and it was a long time to wait and see the promised land which God was told to Him. He was crying and saying to God  : “ Oh Sovereign Lord , you have begun to show to your servant your greatness and your strong hand ..” Moses saw the greatness of God , He saw how God awesomely rescued His people. And Here he is and trying to tell God , Oh Lord please let me go in the promised land.  He seems realised that God is not side of sin and not letting Him go into promised land but He appointed Joshua to go in.

Obedience is not a process of do something right rather do what is right in the eyes of God.  As I am reading Deuteronomy chapter 4 , these words was highlighted for me .


“..I am about to teach you, Follow them so that you may live and may go in and take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of your father is giving you. “ ( Deuteronomy 4 : 1)

God is about to teach you, He wants to give you a new thing that you have never experienced. Himself, teach you his law and decrees. What you need to do. Follow them carefully and that you may live. So then you may go in the land and take the possession.

God wants to give you a new land. If you only be obedient to Him. Only be careful and watch yourselves closely so learn and do what He says.  Moses said to people , Observe what the word of God says. And get the wisdom and understanding of it.


Let the word of God build you up, every day , every moment. Let not fall down on your mouth . and let it be your eyes and feet every step you take. Declare it in your life and obey it. When you obey it , you are doer too. God will show you the land , this is you take the possession.

He is your God , You are His Child.  Obey your father.

So run for the prize that in Christ Jesus for you. You know , you will have troubles in this world. You know , But because He lives in You , you can face tomorrow . As you obeying Him everyday , As your chain are gone in Him . You are living in Heaven right now with Him until he is coming back soon.

Philippians 4 : 4

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.

Is anything in your life stopping to obey Him. Is anything in your life stopping to rejoice in Him. Put away all your worries and obey Him and take the land that God will show you.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh




The Kingdom of God

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6 : 33

What is the kingdom of God? It is about the spiritual kingdom of heaven over our life. You submit your life to God’s authority. You obey His command and everything you do glorify Him . His kingdom is your kingdom. You do a spiritual fight . Daniel said that “the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed” Daniel 2: 44.

Now  the kingdom of God is within you. Whom Christ lifted it by the power of the Holy Spirit. His Kingdom is imperishableF. If you are looking for a stable and forever peace kingdom , so welcome to God’s kingdom. Seek His righteousness then everything will be added to you. This is not your fight , this is His.


The scripture obviously says “ seek the kingdom of God” or “ seek the kingdom of Heaven”. It meant that is not the kingdom of this earth , or another physical planet . Jesus is saying that seek the unseen God and His authority . Seek His face even you can not see it.  Normally repentance would be up in this situation when you seek his ways you repent and turn of your sinful nature and back to God. The salvation will be substituted in this situation.

Paul also says in his letter to the church in Corinth “I tell you this, brothers: flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable.” 1 Corinthians 15: 50.

To this very end the natural desires comes second and the supernatural desires comes first .

Paul continues with this that “Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed” .vastly we see the kingdom of God in the old Testament . The kingdom of God is a changing process inside out. It is not something you can touch but in a way is present and you can feel it within you.

The church of Christ can help you to find a way to reach the kingdom of God but all depends on you and your decision. The kingdom of God is not pushy , it is a soft and powerful home that brings the heaven inside of you. But , wait , It does not mean when we lost our physical reality we will lose the kingdom of God. As I said it is a spiritual reality , it is a spiritual kingdom , it will never die. It will never be faded. You will be still alive. It is really important with this mortal body seek His kingdom. This is honourable. You are still on the earth with this body but you are covered with the kingdom of God, isn’t this awesome ?

I can write to you about the kingdom of God pages and pages. In this short article I want to encourage you that as a Christian seek first His kingdom , because your hope is not on earthly things rather on heavenly realm . Yes , when you sought His will than your earthly needs will be met.




Written by Dariush Youkhaneh



unending Love

God calling you by name. He knows your name. He knows who you are. If you are wondered and confused around do not know what to do, do not worry, He is here for you. He is your Father and He won’t let  his children be afraid and alone.

Do you know he loved you before the creation of the world. His unending love will never be ended. He came for you, For broken hearted , for poor in the spirit , for everyone who call upon on His name … But it seems His GRACE covers everyone.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3: 16


Yes , He came for us. Not only he died for us he gave us eternal life.  I am not here to convince you , He Himself , the Holy Spirit will speak to you. I am here to remind you that you are loved . May you are going through a tough season , or may is everything alright and seems very peace around. In both scenarios , we need our God to be involved and shine on our way.

“Jesus thank you that you loved me , thank you that your unending love is for me . Father thank you your toughts are far better than any human.”

You do not need to do good to be in his love ( Although those good deeds are fantastic to do ) But he is already provided for you by the cross.

Oh my dear friend, 30 years being in this world showed me nothing is better than His love, Nothing in this world compares what he has done for us. You and God will be comleted , You need Him , I need Him  , we need Him , we can not do alone this journey .

You say how Dariush can I return to God?

I say , You do not need to do anything. Just come to him as you are

I say , accept Him as your lord and saviour and His unending love will be unleashed in your life

You say , I did Dariush

I say , repentance

I say , believe and have faith and acknowledge Him

Let the love of God unleash you truly , Let the love of God soften your heart , Let the love of God wash you completely , fill yourself with unending love of God everyday.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


The Crown of Life.

If you are in trial right now do not be afraid. because that is a reason for you to become gold. Yes, for going to be pure gold you need to go in a process. It may be hard and harsh but , there is this believe that testing of your faith develops perseverance then you may be mature and complete.

I love to encourage you today that your trouble is a testimony for your victory for tomorrow. James wrote in his book that ” If any of you lacks wisdom , he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” James 1 : 5.

Please ask God to know and get wisdom and understanding from Him. How? By going into his presence and meditate on his word. But the think is here you must believe when you ask. Do not ask God when you have doubt. Do not ask God when you pre-judged the scenario. Ask like you believe it to happen.


Some of the phrases a believer say when he ask:

*Tell to God I Know you are able to do all.

*I believe God you are in control of my situation and I Surrender all to you.

*I stay in your presence and you have to bless me now(God loves that enthusiastic in you, show it )

*Father I know you do the impossibles and Nothing is hard for you.

*Tell me Father what I need to do : 1- if you need to fix me , please do it by your Holy Spirit 2- If you are going to change me I am yours

*I believe and trust in you not on my own understanding, I love who you are

Encourage yourself in God, Humble yourself and cry out to Him and have this in mind and heart that He is close to you and long to know you more as you are seeking his face.  I promise to you if you grow in His love , you will have a deeper experience of God personally . Whenever the trials come you consider it a pure joy . joy in the Lord because you are His children , You are His and He is yours , Nothing . Absolutely nothing in this world would be able to separate you from His love.

The trials will open a new way to know that God really have a plan for you.

Lean on Him . Surrender to Him, Tell Him your troubles . He cares for you. Let your lips and heart confess His Name. Say it loud ,make a song and sing it for Him. Sing like never before to change you inside out and make your soul fresh in Him. Than you will walk on the fire and you wont be burned. Than you are in the storms and you will stay in His peace . Live by Grace of God everyday and know that God has a plan and purpose each single day only for you. He is the same yesterday , today and tomorrow.

“Blessed is the person who perseveres under trial, because when he stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.”( James 1 : 12)

You trails are part of your life because the trails are the reasons to receive the life.

He loves to give you the crown of life. He loves you my dear friend. because that crown is made by his lovely hand only for you. No this is not every crown you think , this is specially made for you if you stood the test. He is faithful if He said so , he will give it to you. Do not be blown and tossed by the wind. You might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created.

My prayer :

Father I pray for those , they are in great hardship and trials , Father give them strength to pass it . Father you know how hard it is , You know Father because you sent your only Son to rescue us . Father let them know you still in control even in their worst days. Love them , let them seek your face everyday and call upon on your name in their troubles. Thank you Jesus , Thank you God and thank you Holy Spirit that you are with them.


Grace be with you all

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh


The World IS NOT my Shepherd !

I remember a season for the collecting mushrooms , me and my mum and brother and their friends went to collect the mushroom from a Jungle . We went early in the morning . Now I found my self into a huge trees and greens. I did not know the way I just followed them , suddenly in the middle of that huge trees I saw no one around me. I was lost! Because I did not follow the do you feel those moment? looking for a way to get out? Sometimes, the world want to declare to you ‘ I am your shepherd ‘ But truly It is not.

Who is your shepherd? Who is in charge of your life and have a final word?

Today God will speak to you if you open your heart and let be HIM only your shepherd.

” The Lord is my shepherd  I shall not be in want ” Psalms 23.

We all know this verse , most of us memorise this verse and know the words perfectly. But as we are living in the world , the things around us affects our daily life and slowly slowly  we substituted this verse in this way :

‘ The World is my shepherd I have everything I need ‘. Is this true even? Yes it. we make our world have authority over our marriages , over our relationships , over our coming and going , literately we made ‘ the world’ our lord. But Who is your shepherd ? is your job? is your boss? is your money?


Those are good questions to ask yourself. Everything you have is from him only.

“His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” ( 1 Peter 1 : 3 )

His divine power all you need. His Authority all you need. He him self is your shepherd. God is your shepherd when He is in charge you won’t be I need. You are in peace , Because ‘ the World is not your leader ‘. He meets everything you need . The things, the people , the idea , the men… are NOT your shepherd . God Himself is yours. He guides you , comfort you , strengthen you and you lack nothing.

The men disappoint you but God will never.

He is the Lord of your life and you have everything you need. Those are in under his leadership they may never be separated of His unending love.

The World is not my shepherd But the LORD is.

Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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The True Vine

“I am the true vine , and my father is the gardener.”  Jesus is the source of light and life. He is the vine and we are the branches. He is Himself is the root. And all branches are going to be fed by Him. You can not do the life without Him. He loves and cares about you. He said “ If you remain in me , you bear much fruit “ .  The fruit of joy , the fruit of prosperity , the fruit of peace will be yours.  Because you are connected to Him. You are not alone, because a branch can not do anything without the vine.

“ If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given to you”(John 15:7 NIV)

A few verses in chapter 15 : 7 , we incredibly see that Jesus says remain in me means love each other .

If you ‘ love each other’ you will remain in me. As He loved us and died for us and remain in Fathers love. So it is better to say that “ if we love each other and His words stay within us , we ask whatever we desire , it will be given to us “. Do you want be closed to God? Love each other. A genuine love that not for any men. Do you want to prosper ? Love your neighbours. Who is your neighbour? Your partner , your family , your co-worker , your mate , a stranger …

Your Joy is in loving others, This will start joy in Jesus.

“ My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”(John 15 : 12)

This is a commend my friend , I beg you , this is a commend of God to love each other  deeply with all heart . forgive each other as He forgave you. You did not choose Him, He choose you to go out and love others. This is to the Father’s glory, in this way show you are His disciples. Yes , I know people hurts , People do the things so harshly , People are not the same , People instead of your good deed gives you bad. Oh my dear friend please do what your master told you to do. Are you going to listen to what people thinks about that if I do this or that? Your master commanded to you go out and preach the good news to everyone. What’s the good news? The gospel of Love. The love of Christ. If you really rooted in His love.  


Let Jesus raise you up , If He chooses you , then , He provide and feed you with his heavenly food. He called us friends , we are his friends . Ask in His name , and you will receive whatever you wish when you are rooted in Him.

He is Your living water. He is Your provider . and know that you bear much fruit if you stay in what he says and listens to whisper of the Holy Spirit everyday in your life. I am sure God is waiting with open arms to see and hear from you.  Your joy will be complete when you truly bear much and much fruit in Him.

I pray God open the doors of opportunity in your life. I pray the true vine gives you new prospective to see the situation from his eyes. I pray as you trust in him , remain in Him by loving others and stay steadfast in his promises . I pray God heal you inside out and you will be blessed for others and glorify Father in heaven in Jesus Name.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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I Believe

Believe it or not. There is no other way around. There is no way in between. Believe is something you can feel . You can see it but is unseen. You can not proof it but you can hold on it.

Believe is a medicine to a sick soul. That is a confidence and a hope. It is not a luck. It is a hope  for life after death. Believe is a  believing to a supernatural thing.

If you believe everything in this world will be finished. That is a short-eathly-believe which is not what we believe. We are talking about a believe last forever . We can believe something that would not effect our firm-believe.

The kind of believe , we believe , is Faith. It is trustworthy and worth to hold on it. Because not only give you peace in this world also give you a win card for future. You did not come to this world by chance to spend a few years and then done! No, you came as an exact plan and purpose of your creator. In exact time and location. whether or not you have a believe in creator!

It is a confidence . It is a “pesteuo” comes from the Greek noun “pistis” which means: persuasion, assurance and belief. It is a “Aman” comes from the Hebrew which means to confirm and support.  In Bible the word of believe  , Faith  and trust came from one word in Greek which is pisteuo. In another word; It is Faith  and It is trust. When you believe in something you have faith in and trust in it.belive

Ephesians 2:8 For by grace you have been saved through faith(Believe and trust), and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.

Charles Spurgeon describes it well in his book, All of Grace:

What is faith? It is made up of three things—knowledge, belief, and trust.

Knowledge comes first. “How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? I want to be informed of a fact before I can possibly believe it…”

“The mind goes on to believe that these things are true. The soul believes that God is, and that He hears the cries of sincere hearts; that the gospel is from God; that justification by faith is the grand truth which God hath revealed in these last days by His Spirit more clearly than before. Then the heart believes that Jesus is verily and in truth our God and Saviour, the Redeemer of men, the Prophet, Priest, and King of His people. All this is accepted as sure truth, not to be called in question…

So far you have made an advance toward faith; only one more ingredient is needed to complete it, which is trust. Commit yourself to the merciful God; rest your hope on the gracious gospel; trust your soul on the dying and living Saviour; wash away your sins in the atoning blood; accept His perfect righteousness, and all is well. Trust is the lifeblood of faith; there is no saving faith without it.”

Everyone has a believe , right or wrong. Even the demons have a believe (James 2: 19).

Bible says if you have believe , whatever you ask you will receive it.(Matthew 21 : 22).

If you really believe Jesus as the son of God, your life will change 360 degree! What it means? It means you need to trust and have faith in him. As we read , the believe and trust and faith are one word in Greek. What do you believe today? Are you holding it good enough ? Did you find it true ? Did you find it peaceful? Did you find it what it is really?

Saint Augustine Said : ”

 ” Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”


According to Pew Research Centre : 

84 percent of the world population have faith ( which is included all religions ). But believing in right thing?

Everyone is looking to believe something. Believe in something wrong far more dangerous than believe in nothing! Some times you know what is true but you do not believe it. That is dangerous.

Jesus said : ” Everything is possible for one who believes.”(Mark 9 : 23).

Believe for a christian means ” Everything is possible ” . Believe take your look above all. A christian believe is not earthly nor fleshy . It is something from inside out. something can hold the time and show you everything in a second. Believe is a relief for us . It is an open sea which you in control of the wave. If you want to reach the real meaning of believe choose to believe in God, in His Son and the Holy Spirit.

Nothing is better then flying by your self. Let your believe take you there.


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

Resources :

Mark 9 : 2

Charles Spurgeon. book of All of grace









Draw a Line!

Your good father want you. He wants your heart. He does not look where you are- or where you are born or what colour you skin is. He does not change like shifting shadows.

Are you listening to Him? Be quick  to listen to Him. Listening to Him requires time and attention. Spending time in his presence. Fulfil your earthly and heavenly needs by meeting Him.  Listen to your heavenly father. Do what He says.

How do you know what he says? Through his Word. Read it – meditate on it. This is a good point of jump to greatness. You do not need to do what you do not like. If your heart is with God. You do it with your heart. You surrender all to Him. Humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.

You are now the heaven citizen.

You are now child of Light.

Draw a line between what is good and what is not! Listen to your heavenly dad. Do what he says. Take what he puts in your heart.

God does not show make some people rich – Some others poor. He wants you to prosper.

God does not show favouritism.

Even you think you are the worst person in the planet. Still His love never changes toward you. Still He loves you regardless of what you’ve done or what you think about yourself. There is no sin , which his blood can not wipe it out. Confess you’ll be forgiven. You are beautiful. He loves you. You are valuable and important.  Each part of your body made as  his perfect plan.

Lets be faithful – as He is. Lets be humble as He is.


Look at the birds, they are not worry what to eat and where to sleep. But heavenly father provide for them everything they need. Wouldn’t you think he cares about you. We are looking for the city that is to come. We are waiting for our lover- Jesus.

Faith takes you to unbelievable things.

What’s your heart’s desire? Let God polish it- shape it- create it a better thing.

Come – Come and let us adore Him, You will find everything when you worship Him. What a lovely father. He is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Grace be with you all.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


Knowing Him

What a day!! Glory! I hope each one of you (as one of my pastor said) : Living in dream! I hope your eyes are fixed in Him, and do not allow others influence their wrong idea in you. But meditate on word of God. Pray God will change you everyday. Fast a few days. Work out on your Salvation . Do what is good!

We need to have a great relationship with God. John says in 4 : 24 God is spirit, We must worship him in spirit and in truth. According to his will having a great intimacy with God we are going to hear from Him and not only that we will be led by Him. There is so much to know about him.

Your life should look different from those people have not known God. We are not weird Christians , we are light. Keep your heart towards Him. Pray and fast . God is looking to you. His blessings is upon on you. God’s heart is beating for you ; speak to him. One of the God character is faithfulness.


God loves how you live and his is very interested in you. He does not look to your face and saying : ahhh I did not make your eyes well!!! No.  “He says you are my child and you are free ” . You are loved. God wants to know you more. Your relationship with God shake all the impure things in your life as you know him better everyday.

Then, when you know him all things are possible. Think bigger but planted. We are living a meaningful life with our creator. We are saved.

Today God will is to bless you and show you the way. Are you willing to take step.

1 Peter 5 : 3

…but be examples to the flock.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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