Surrender Your Heart to God.

We talked about this that allow yourself to be you. Who you are now is accepted by God.

God is looking forward a better of you but it does not mean He does not like you. You already been liked and loved. Before rain falls down and wet the soil He loved you, before the sun rise up ,He established the great plan for you. before He formed this world ,He designed you specific.

This God of all creator , heaven and earth everything we can imagine says ” I do not stop loving you”. See what I created . See what I put for you , you always in my heart.

Look above when you are down in your soul. Look around how beautifully I made the things even if you are unable to look to yourself how wonderfully I made you. Am I not able ? Am I not able to care for you? Trust me. I want to show you more. I have more for you . ” I am who I am ”

All galaxy , all stars , all creatures will bow down and know that I am God. This is all mine. Why you are worry about the things that not belongs to you. He continues saying  : ” I gave you breath and I know how to give it oxygen to it . I DO NOT STOP loving you more and more. I  give you free the joy of morning , I will give you free my will , I will give you spring , I  give you my peace that is over all and all , I  give you everything. everything I have is for you. You are my favourite one. I sent many to tell you even to warn you how much I loved and love you. But your fathers’ fathers did not listen eventually I sent my beloved Son , because the flame of love for you was too much . You’ll be completed with me. Come to me.. I know you’ve been away. But my arms are always open for you. ”


He does not stop loving you my friend. Even you made mistakes still He is been thinking of you. Even you made sin still you’ve been in His mind. But He is so Holy. This is not you can not go to Him. we have a friend , a saviour . He will wash our sins then we can have a first-image relationship with God. Let God come into your heart as He is. People of all generation try to make a God with religion and opinion. But the real-God is not what we made . He is who He is. He will reveal Himself to you if you truly surrender all to Him.

Surrender Your Heart to God

Surrender your heart to God,
    turn to him in prayer,
 and give up your sins—
    even those you do in secret.
  Then you won’t be ashamed;
you will be confident
    and fearless. ( John 11-13-15)

By surrendering to God you are in a new level of understanding and wisdom.

Are you ready for change ? giving up all wanted and unwanted desires to Him. You wont be ashamed. You will be confident. Let the Holy Spirit moves in You and create you a new born baby. fearless and brave , strong and confident.



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