This life is…

What stopping you love your God?

Is it Pain in past, or worrying about future? You do not know HOW MUCH YOUR CREATOR LOVE YOU.

I am so exciting to announce that . You are child of God. You are a new creation in Him. You are who be formed like him. Love people , love your family and live a life of live. Everyday is full of new opportunities for you.

 Do not miss your today because of yesterday. And embrace what is ahead of you.

This life is …

… Full of Making mistakes  and find the right way

… A breath of morning

… Worrying and not to be afraid

… Making major and minor decisions

… Laughter and craziness

…to be light and salt and to be used and not

… Worth to live in

… Being healed and not to be

… Moments and memories


“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14 : 6 .

He is the Life  and all the statement above are under His . In Him you have life. In Him you find meaning. In any situation or season you are in. You  are made to be there to glorify Him. You are saying Dariush how God want me to be in pain and sorrow . God does not want you to be in pain at all. God is not a bad God, He is a father. You meant to be there at that season to glorify Him. Jesus said “ I came you may have life in me “.

The life is

He loved you before you found yourself in your that particular season. There is always a door open for you, always. You say , how I am going to find it? The answer will be found in Jesus. He said :” I am the way ..”

Yhooooo. What do you want more? Life is given to you right now. You have an eternal life in  Him.


Proverbs 14 : 27

The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, turning a person from the snares of death.

Halleluiah. We have LIFE.

Fear of the Lord starts with obeying Him.

My life is His life. Your life is His life. Our life is His life. Do you believe it?


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh





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  1. Amen, I had quoted John 14 : 6 today its a great verse.. Thank YOU Jesus for making the path straight to our Father God… You tore the curtains from the tabernacle and now Jesus because of YOU we are free to access God the Father at HIs Throne in the Holy of Holies. Hallelujah our God Reigns. amen


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