Part 2 Balak and Balaam

Recall from my early post about Balak and Balaam from Book of Numbers chapter 22.

As I promised I am going to part 2.

Click here for reading Part 1 Balak and Balaam.

As Balak was faced a huge number of Israelites. He was looking for a solution to defeat Israelites. He sent his princes to welcome God’s message from His prophet , Balaam.

When Balaam asked God for the answer , He already answered him in one message . God said : ” They are blessed”.


Now , this part is about Balaam’s donkey, be with me and lets see what will happen.

Now Balaam several times went to presence of God about what to do. In our general language he says like this : God they are still coming and I know you answered me but they want a answer and they want me to come with them. And the Lord saw Balaam a half eye keen to go with them told Balaam at the end : Okay you can go with them but listen and do what I tell you to do.

On the road an angel of the Lord stood and stopped the Balaam’s donkey to go. But Balaam did not realize that the Lord stopped the donkey and was beating his donkey harshly. When his eyes was opened , God , still did not stop him not to go , God said what was told the last time.

We ask sometimes the things are not good for us or in the wisdom of God , we go in the presence of God and ask him , ask him ( as we know that thing not really a wise for me) and eventually God will say : okay if you want to go , go.

It is right to ask God everything we need or we want. But Listen and wait till God gives you a direction is even more wiser . If you do hurry the things God will stop you ( as this means he really cares about you) and this stopped may have long consequences for your life. But it does not mean you are out of God’s plan. His plan are great and awesome for you. As you read God stopped Balaam’s Donkey but He did not stop Him what he attended him to do. It means your circumstances do not define your plan in God.

God is God. You are You, created like Him.

Think about that, how Jesus will act in your scenario , How he will respond. Put your feet in Jesus’ shoes. and Walk like Him .

God opened Balaam’s donkey mouth and she began to speak. I believe if you are for Him , He will open the doors for you, He will do things that you can not even imagine. He will use and He will open the mouth of things or those to His plan for your life be established.

Today , God wants to open the many donkey’s mouth to glorify Him in any area of your life. God wants to change around your situation . He wants to make you whole again. It is a matter of being humble. He says come if you are new in me , come if you be away from me awhile , come to me.

Father , I pray that your beautiful and powerful hands covers any person reading this right now. I pray father bless them, direct them to your way, love them again Lord as they are loved and beautiful in You. nothing is impossible those have trust in You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh

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