Calling All Authors

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”- Mother Teresa


I am calling all authors ( specially those they are followers ) to put their BLOG , BOOK , WEBSITE , WRITINGS , Journals in Here.

All Your Inspiration Book will go to my Source Page.

Let others know how beautiful you write. Comment Here.

We all need to be Found , There is thousands Good Authors out there, YOU ARE ONE OF THEM. Everything starts with a small seed! lay it down in good soil.

Some of the Benefits of Letting others know about your writings..

1- There are thousands blogger out there , they are naturally gifted writers ,  being Famous may not be your target but reach to people to read your ART yes.

2- You have a chance to let the small group of people know your Art of writing

3- The Fact , may you are a personal writer , But if your art , ARE benefits for others!

4- Every writer has started from somewhere.

YOU Can start Now! You write. We read.  We write , You read.

Comment down here ; Name of your blog , your book , your website , your journal …





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