Two boats!

[Luke 5 : 1-11]

Mostly , we are looking to the problems rather than to solutions. Simon one of Jesus disciple was a fisherman . The night before he and his partners tried all night to catch fish. But they have been unsuccessful.  They used their all tricks to catch any but still hours and hours spent for nothing. Until morning they came back and they were washing their nets. There were two boats there. Probably they are tired and upset about where are the fish? That was not only for them. This happened to their mates too at another boat.

As Jesus was standing around the lake and people as always crowding around him. He saw the boats and He got into one of them which was belonging to Simon. And Jesus asked him to put out a little from shore.


God asking you to go away a little from shore. A little away from the earth and all their issues . He is asking you to go with Him. He got into your boat of life and He wants you to move away. Although may your boat is a bit old and not a long time move away. But He wants to do the miracle in your life. He will use your old boat to bless others too.

Then, He sat down and taught people from the boat[3].

Are you ready now for a miracle ? Are you prepared to see how God suddenly turn around your situation. When Jesus is on your boat anything could happen. God is with you. He said to you move and you have no reason to be worry . He said go away a little from shore. God can do big things if you are willing to move a little. If you obey Him what he is saying you will see the big things.

“Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch ” Jesus said[4].

When they obeyed Him , They caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break. Here is the another main thing you need to be aware. And because of huge number of fish they caught, they called another boat to come and help them and that another boat(life) filled with the fish. God not only will fill your boat ( life) with fish ( blessings ) . You also will be a blessing for others. You will bless another boat(life) . The good things about this, is, sometimes we are blessed for others, and it seems Jesus sat down on their boat. But let not this disappoint you because eventually God will bless both boats. He is coming into your boat , be ready that God has blessing with Him for you.

“Don’t be afraid from now on you will catch men”. Jesus said to Simon.

The moment He stepped into your boat , He makes you a leader to guide others. He makes you His disciple to follow. He takes your worry to joy and gives you abundantly blessings.

God is on your boat!


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


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