Jesus Think About Me

I am bringing up this topic that we can together rethink about that Jesus is really thinking about us. Before going deep into it , I just want to make it clear for you that I assume you believe Jesus , and what He said about Himself . I assume you believe in authority to who He is and what He can do for us. With this belief ahead i am going to illustrate about this topic.

Before the creation of the planet which we call’ the world ‘ . God had planed in Hid mind and heart to make us in His image. Not only make us to be there and do nothing. Or be couple of idles we stand there or only look after what God made . He made us to have a good relationship with Him and this will happen through the lesson of obedience. But obedience was a heavy stuff for us . We could not carry it right within us and figure it like a righteousness. Our righteousness reached to failure because we have not been honest in Heart. God , who was existed before us. Who made us. knew the heart of men which is going to rebellion.  Most of people getting wrong the idea of rebellion. Rebellion means disobedience . It does not mean ‘ I am free whatever i do ‘. If i create something today , i expect at least have some benefit for mine! But God did not make us to have some benefit for Himself or the circle of love He is . He did it out of His love.

Out of His love God sent His begotten Son to us . To show us , still He loves us . Saying you still in ,not far away.


We are doing our own way . We are busy with the small stuff of this seen things , and we forgot what we are originally came from. The Kingdom of God is far beyond what we thought to be. The Kingdom of God is found in broken heart. The Kingdom of God is found in small things which is hidden in your heart.  And this is exactly the heart of Jesus’ teaching. Every where Jesus went , he said believe it you receive it.

Jesus is thinking about you , He is praying for you. He is deeply and lovingly , loves you. 

He is not only thinking about you , also he is acting for you.

” for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. ” [ Philippians 2 : 13 ]

You need to remind yourself who is in control! Is it your mind ? is it your situation? Or trusting and believing that God who made everything is in control. I am trusting in Him because He thinks for me. When He thinks for me the game will change around now I  have the mind of Christ. It means I will have the heart of Christ. Than I will know the heart of Father . Which the Holy Spirit helps me. Because you are in order of obedience. You are not stick to opinion or ideas but you are living the Christ on the earth.

My heavenly Dady gives me strength to stand like the rock!

God’s Character is awesome. He is not man mind created. To give us peace , love or the things we can not be satisfied on the earth. He is real. When I am talking about that God thinks for you, means a lovely PERSON thinks for you. It means a person who made you thinking how is going to be closed to you. Because our souls needs His presence. If our heavenly Dady were not thinking about us , we would not be here where we are now!

If I am discouraged that no body thinking about me or no body cares, I am in good place. Because our Father promised that He will be always with us and never leave us alone. Have joy , because He thinks and cares for you. me and you , are unique in His heart. There is so much in it , There is so much in God’s love you can take which you can not take in any human’s love. Father says if you make me your first love. If only.


What He sees in us is :

You are valuable.

You are loved. 

You are Mine.

You are Won.

You are Cared. 

You are my Love.

Yes, He sees all those in you , Indeed You are! That is the enemy works that want to sow the seed of ‘ No, you’re not ‘. We break it in JESUS ‘ NAME.  You are the son of most high. You are for Jesus.

Read this from Joyce Meyer Knowing Who I Am in Christ.

“Our relationship must be right with God before it can be right with man.” – Billy Graham

Be hunger for God , for his presence and know that He thinks for you. If you do not know the answer , if you are confused , if you are in a situation that do not know what to do next , simply ask Him and know that He thinks for you and act it in right time.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh






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