Created by His Love

In God, there is no favouritism. Everyone in His family is the favourite child. The world is dull, And it can not understand the peace and loving arm of God. For them, if there is a God, then He is so big and unknowable. For us, He is known. He has shown His love towards us. His dove is within us to comfort us, and we listen to Him because we know that He hears us.

This world does not have a shepherd, But we have; Jesus is ours. He is our voice in the world of injustice that we can echo on in every corner. He is a kind shepherd; that doesn’t let us go.

Heaven’s treasure is unlimited :

The wise men can not know Him enough. There is no one out there to explain his tangible presence except the One Who knows Him personally. God gave this privilege of being His Child. It means we have access to God’s ocean of treasure. This treasure is heaven’s knowledge and wisdom. We are limited in everything, and we have boundaries in all things we do, think and act. Prophet Job said, ” God’s power is unlimited.” All-powerful Creator has created the universe for a purpose and life. The atheists believed there is meaning in being alive and have a meaningful life. According to the New York Times, Stephen Hawking, an atheist, thought that the universe and life have meaning. Even a non-believer knows there is a meaning in life and being alive. Who made all this life? God. Who created the universe from nothing to something? God. In his ‘The Confessions’ book, Saint Augustine has written well ” God is our helper, He made us, and not we ourselves. Press on where truth begins to dawn.”

We have access to His Love:

He is not only unlimited in Nature. He is also infinite in love. Accessing to His love is not far from the human. We are in his marvellous mighty love already. Before God planned this earth in His mind, we were in His deeper level of mind and heart. I take joy in this because our Creator not only is a gardener also a lover. He is a Planner and Designer. God-breathed love into our mortal body; all the dead cells and immovable dust gathered and became a living being. We knew we carry the love everywhere before the sin stung us. This breath was the same known in the new covenant as tongues of Fire and Wind. Now, his love ( the Holy Spirit) is available for everyone. The tongues of Fire can burn all our earthly Nature. The Wind can lift us to His presence. That is Why, the Bible says, ” there is no fear in love.” But His breath(love) assures us in every detail of our life. Then, imagine, His love is with/in us. 

You are in the Beginning:

Why are you waiting? Your best life is now and ahead. There is no time to waste looking back. Since you got a remarkable creator who gave everything to you that you can have the best life possible here and in heaven with Him. Allow the light in you, reflect! There are millions out there, hungry for the love of God. You are at the beginning of exciting miracles of God in your life. You are an art – let everyone knows how beautiful your Creator has painted you. You are loved – let everyone knows God-breathed in you. You are at the beginning of an incredible journey. No one can take out this beauty within you, even yours. You are God’s beloved child.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

God is Love (part 2)

Happy weekend friends , I am glad to bring you another encouragement post that together we can be inspired and empowered in whatever we are facing today’s and tomorrow’s.

In start of this year 2021 , I brought to you a post called GOD IS LOVE , let me continue with that, as a few days ago I was confirmed with first John chapter 4 verse 8:

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.
1 John 4:8 NIV

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Of course to understand this verse we need to read the whole chapter , which broadly gave a better understanding of what God love is. We are born to love and to be kind to each other without causing any pain and hurt. When we love ourselves and others , we tell to the world that God is Love. Ofcourse , this love first shown to us by Jesus.

I am progressing this still! I want to learn more! We are not here to cretisize and hitting others with opinions and philosophy! Simply, We are here to be like Him in every level. God’s love is not shaky and unstable like human love. Imagine , a God think like human! God understands our dusty love ! He accepts it and when we wrapp it with his heavenly grace , it will turn His attention to us.

Let me turn the verse this way :

Whoever does love , does know God , becasue God is Love.

How can I bring love to my enemies? Those , so harshly hates me for nothing. I need a different level of energy, which can be given by the Holy Spirit. A desire , a sacrifice of my proud. I need to be willing to know God ! To know Him means to obey . I might fallen on my own steps. But, I have to know , if I want to access the source, I must practice, practice of Love. I need to bury my pride, give all glory to Him , who can keep loving us unconditionally. When I am unconscious of His love for some time. I am lost in my world. All I need to do is , Love.

More to come,

Love always

Dariush Youkhaneh

Hiking at red hands cave

Everyone , looking for peace and love in some degree. Everyone has a desire or a goal to reach. Our human nature desires loads of things , If you take more and you”ll want more and more. But, I am asking myself what can stop this? What can bring to my real sense and ask my self a genuine question: Where am I inviting God into my life? How can I please him and seek him more?

This is the cycle a person goes by natural : Born – learn to walk / Go to school , make trouble , grow up / Go to uni / go to work , / do some travel , stay single / get married , saving / having a baby / be parent /stay single , see your families children grown up , be grandparent and death of the body .

Where is my Faith in it? Where can I inject God that can be glorified on my earthly walk? Yes , everyone will leave this carnal human body one day till the returning of Jesus Christ. What thrive I make to grasp the concept of heaven in me?

There are so many element in this.

Hike and have Faith.

Yes, may you come to know his love—although it can never be fully known—and so be completely filled with the very nature of God” Ephesians 3: 19

So , the solution is : be filled with the very nature of God. What are the nature of God ? Well brought us some conclusion :

1- God is sovereign

2- God is Holy

3- God is Omnipotent


5- God is Immutable

6- God is Wrathful

7- God is Love

Knowing His love , is my mission , that can happen through a lot of things. Although , I received his love from my mother womb. There is no argument for this. Today, I see His love through the lens of His creation ; nature. Before seeing today’s hike , I want us point to one more thing or I’d like to point out again that If I want to be filled with very nature of God, I may come first to know His love ‘. I hope I put it together nicely that we can understand. Also , This is not any God out there , but the God of Bible. So , Whole life I am pursuing to Love him more, To know Him more . If you are the one – be united and let’s together praise Him and you’ll see the doors of heaven will open.

In today’s hike , This will remind me of how much God is love , this is the very nature of Him.

Stay in Love, Keep dreaming

Dariush Youkhaneh

God is Love

I may fail to love others, But God’s love never fails. Because He is Love. His nature and characteristic is Love. My human nature never even close-like to His Love. His Love is a different kind , heavenly Love-like but touching earth Love. Once upon a time this Love came on earth like a flesh , lived among us to show us the Father’s unconditional love. I may not be even worthy of this Love , But the Blood of Father’s Love , Jesus , makes me whole again. Now , that Love is not only in Him , but in Me , and this Love lives ,whoever believes in Him. The Son of Lamb , The Son of God , The Alpha and Omega , The Way, The Truth and The Life.

His Love is sweeter than Life. His Love is like fruitful garden , full of all kind of fruits.

His Love is Light, opens the way of my dark paths. His love is a lighthouse for the lost ships on the seas. His Agape love never ends , never tires , never gives up , never leaves.

Can I know this Love ? Absolutely.

Can I be like this Love ? Definitely.

My dear friend as you are reading this post , I just want to tell you that Jesus Loves you, unconditionally, His love is for you too. Do you know that in His Love there is a power ? Power of freedom. Indeed you may heard this thousands of times from church’s and preachers, But you have never experienced His UNCONDITIONAL Love , Now is the time. It is very simple but powerful prayer from your heart with a child-like Faith: “God I want to know your Love , show me Jesus“. That is it .

God is Love.

Dariush Youkhaneh

Heavenly Blessings

God’s love is so much towards us. His will is beyond any human understandings. So The flood of his blessings is unimageable! I want his wisdom to lead me right to his arms. When I go through the valley of this life I want his hands protect me. It is hard , it is really hard in this century to hear the voice of God. There are millions of voices around. trying to disturb you and make you busy. These days I am really obsessed by those leave the headphone in the ears when they are seating to the next human being and not talking and living in their own world . No offend , But what does God wants us to do?! To be an ambassador of Christ.


My ears are open – to hear a cry , to listen a broken one , to be present 100%.

As I am reading book of Ephesians chapter one. I wonder how God has chosen us before the creation of the world to be his.. From there , there , there far , chosen us to be pure. His plan : Not even one small sin in us

Our plan: to follow the flesh desire

All will be wiped by the blood of Jesus.

None can change the plan of God in your life, no one.

Not even the enemy. If someone try to steal this , know that this is a big lie. They can not steal the plan of God for your life. yes , they can disturb you , yes they can drag you away and make you busy.  But you have been chosen before the creation as I mentioned. You are deserved to receive all the heavenly blessings from Father – not by your ability because of the blood of Christ. Then, we will know why He sent Jesus for us. The mind of Father was to make you one with Christ that you can enter to his presence , the sacrifice already happened , the price has been paid and the gate is open for you.  To enter his gate to worship Him. The stamp of the Holy Spirit is on you.

Father , I pray to help us to love you more by knowing that you have a plan and purpose in our life. The target is to glorify your name Lord. Let me be pure in this age. Let me know you more which is the key of joy in my heart. I want you to pour our your flood of blessings in my life . This is my prayer Jesus , to heal those they need a touch of heaven, To save people and come to this wonderful love of You. Thank you. Thank you. Amen.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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Keep Smiling / Joy is our portion

A very warm welcome to you if you are new here. I am so honoured to have you with me. You are not guest anymore , your home is here. You are my friend , Please comment anytime as I love to hear from you or visit this blog( home )  again. I love the fact we are international friends – different time and place , different background and skin , in different seasons that makes me even more happy. Because you have a story to tell! Please go ahead and have a look around my blog , search any topic is in your heart in my search bar section , there is a lot to discover , go to my book section , visit my quotes panel. Be inspired..

Today, It is in my heart to talk about Joy and Smile. What makes you smile ? What is in your heart that makes your heart have joy even you may be in the storm? Share with me , comment here , ask your friends and loved ones , ask them how they view you.

God loves your smile , But the reality is , these days it is hard to have a smile on face. The broken world putting so much pressure on us and it gives us every reason not to do so. I Confess that I am not that type of person which in every corner of city when I walk do the big smile. I need to have reason to have smile 🙂 . That , which this sinful nature of humanity need to have. A REASON!. But it does not mean I have not have Holy Spirit Joy in me.

When you have an inner joy within you – the outer smile will come anyway.

Specially the enemy of our faith target those they are young. They have less experience of life. Our young people are more depress these days why? Because enemy likes it.  But God says ” I destroy the plan of enemy and I will give you joy “. Jesus says ” Stand up and Arise ” . I learnt that I do not need REASON to have smile . I can smile without any worldly reasons. Jesus my reason to smile. He is my Joy and everlasting life. There is a story in Bible that from last night seat in my heart. Jesus and his disciples were passing a city , People were going to carry a dead young man which he was the only hope of his widow mum. They were carrying a dead hope of his young son. All her smile were fade away and replaced to a big grieve in her heart.  The Pain in her heart was unstoppable. But Jesus was on the way. The life of all humanity.  The real hope.


Jesus came in to the crowed – and said to his broken mum -” Don’t cry”.  Joy is here. He went on and touch and said ” Arise young man “.  God wants us arise and smile in this broken world. He wants to have his joy carrying within us everywhere we go. He is near with us as we carrying his joy and smile every road we are taken. I am content with this. I have more joy in Him. I have more focus in my life – because my gaze is on him and I am not distracted of beauty of this world. It is yours. God is yours. His peace is yours. His love is yours. I don’t lie if I say he knows you by name , I don’t want to fill your heart with a bunch of good words. I am going to be filled with his promises, He is real. Right there with you. Don’t lose your heart and smile , keep going , keep moving friend there is an open door for you right every door is shut. There is a smile for you right the bitterness  of the world is there.

Joy is a portion for those who love God and following Him. And the joy of the Lord is yours. keep smiling.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Shift Your View

I declare it in Jesus Name- God is going to shift your prospective. Your view – Your whole spiritual life will change for His kingdom plan. Your every day activity will prosper and his treasure will seat in your heart.

As I was pleading God to change my view in this year ahead- He purely changed my view and – took my tears of heart and shown me three things from His word – which I am going to talk about in a few minutes. Would you allow me to bless you with it- where ever you are now and reading it- Just hold a second ; Let God change your heart again and fresh your soul for his kingdom. Even you may not be a believer – perhaps randomly out of curiosity reading my blog – I am so honoured to have you here. Please I am not going to be pushy – or say the things out of religion – not at all. I am talking to you as a human being and I know you put respect in it. This is my heart I am sharing to you- would you listen to it?

On 14th August – I was praying as usual like this way :  Here I am now – I am going to close to a God , Who can see , feel and touch . I know you are here Jesus. Would you give your word tonight…to me


When I said those words suddenly  Three things has been highlighted to me:

1- Be filled with my words

2- Trust me

3- Worship and obey me

I hold for second..

What is his word – The written word of God – we call it the Holy Bible. As I am reading it more things revealing , more reading more prospective coming , more touching heaven pouring out. Starring to his words like a statues …



Meditating ..

Again three above things has been highlighted.  They grabbed my heart and bought joy again for me and win a prize of clarity in my life. A new direction opened on my way . The light was brighter .. a new door in millions of the shut doors has been opened suddenly in a sec..

He won my heart..

The breezing presence of Jesus was so strong in my room! They hugged me- They changed me .. I was starting exalting Him for His Glory..

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus said.

He will bless us even we are poor in view , down in spirit , poor in prospective and weak in certainty. He will lift us up hear. We will be filled with his word as we trust him – than it will be time of worship and obey – not because of regulations but because we love Him. Now is time to go and love someone – Now is the time to be kind and have forgiveness toward others. Now is the time to shift our views for a better. By believing Jesus can.

Listen to this beautiful song :


Let God work in you. Let take you to another level. You are more than a skin – body and mind . Your soul need Jesus.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of ” 7 Things For Your Soul! ”

Abide in my Love

All of us have something inside that pushes us toward to do an act of kindness toward others. Some of us are aware of it some not and some others potentially do not use it as it is. Love is a gift inside me and you. A gift that we can give others and make our and their day and night lighter and brighter. It is not simply a good feeling. It is a real sense of being and joy inside.giphy

Love speaks itself to iniquity and make a bridge to loveable and peaceful life. It gets help from the tree of gratitude that’s fills our day full of blessings and thankfulness. I am more content with it. I am more satisfied with my life and people around me. I love me more when I reach the divine love of God within me. When I realise someone within me look after me – the Holy Spirit.

It costs me nothing to love me. It costs me nothing to love others. It rewards well. It gives meaning to life – A life full of life and love. Love holds no wrong , Gives without expecting to receive. Love stays till end and endure joyfully for the sake of its own. Love loves you. Love never fails you. Love is always with you and supports you . Never given up on you.

“Love is like water; we can fall in it, we can drown in it and we can’t live without it.” ~ Unknown


Love does not look to money , popularity and the way you are living now. It does look to the heart through the eyes of human. Love is a fire , a powerful never-ended flame. Sometimes I wish I was little in love in person , I ‘ve never experienced that- but I am more joy and love within me which it is incomparable fact. But indeed, I am in love with who made me be loved! I am in love of Jesus and Jesus is in love with me! Doubt is never part of this love. Am I talking about human love or God’s love. Well – a love is love – with never ending road of peace and joy.

I am in love with his ‘ greater love ‘ for me .

John 15: 9    “As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love. 16 And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.

Take God’s love- the human’s love is in it already! When we Love , God , more , we are more in love with each-others around us. We see that in Jesus – Whom so much loved us which laid down his Life for us. Because he knew that Father’s love will make us free and pure. Actually Love is freedom. When you freely love someone , you are accepting that you are humble and obeyable. We have no love without his love toward us first.

How can we obey this love? How can we stay in this love? By loving him more and more every day and night.

Love is blossom, A white flower to see , touch and smell. It sees beauty , It sees joy and it sees new. It creates peace, It creates ‘stilling ‘ , It creates ‘ better you’. It creates a new soul , bold , fresh . The real true love stays forever , it is not like ride and kiss. It is to be in present . To know someone in the strange place. It is a friend that stays with you in the right time – in right place with right people. It meant to be with you in whatever colours of the sky is.

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. George Sand

Love is peace , it is a piece of joy.


Let’s replace all Love word with Jesus. Now go and read again!



Written By

Dariush Youkhaneh

Faith and Love

They say , you can not do it, but God says you can and you are able to do it. Because you have a God which he can do impossible in your Life. God does not complex the things and make it better, He creates new things out of nothing! He uses a very simple formula. Your Faith, my faith and their faith. People do not believe in simple things that is why here and there make it hard for them to believe in miracle! That is why the wisdom of men is off to reach there!

You need recovery? believe it and receive it. You need a breakthrough? keep believing till you get the answer. You need healing? believe He can do it for you; according to his Will. Indeed today I am writing for you , is a miracle! I draw faith like a plant , that need water and root. We all need water and root to be grown. Have you ever been in desert before? I have been there for a short period of time – The most important thing is Water – not salty water ! a sweet water to be drinkable! God is faithful if we stay on God’s line , He will do what he promises . I know , sometimes I have been off the track , But I have always tried to get back in track. The message of redemption is not for couple of unique people but rather for everyone out there. You know what? It is the matter of Choice.


I am an ordinary man , with an extortionary dream. It is nothing wrong with you to have a dream higher than your situation that is where makes your life much excitement. Where you can challenge yourself in a healthy way. He knows everything we do , He knows our comings and goings, He knows what you eat for breakfast and knows what will happen to your tomorrows! But , He gave us free will to choose , He does not push us to, rather with love and grace call us! The word of ” Faith ” standing out a lot these days for me, every verse I read pointing me to it, every word I am hearing reminding to it , every sermon I am listening pointing to it and every music I am discovering , showing a new way of it. If you ask the greatest artist in the word what is important in your life – They will say it is Faith. Faith to what you do and what you believe! I am asking you my dear friend. What you believe in it. Let your past go , grab the future. Do not overthink , Trust God and live a life of excitement.

If someone broke you heart , Love is the way to forgive them! If someone hurt you , Love is the way to forgive them. If your home is cold and do not see any love in it – please please keep going and do not give up in loving each other. Let the Love light your Home and Faith keep it alive. Even without preaching to someone you can touch their heart by Love. A divine love of God change you inside out, it will change others around you. We are not perfect people, but we have someone is perfect , His name is Jesus. Me and you , we are in a journey to live a life of faith and love. This is not a new word , This Love was before the creation of the World. Can you forgive someone ? Can you love someone ? Can you root in it ? Can you..

No doubt..

Let all that you do be done in LOVE. 1 Corinthians 16:14

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Precious Jesus

You know sometimes you have nothing to say – no word comes to your mind to write it down. It is a rainy weekend. Winter knocking the door. Tea – Blanket – laptop and a bible are your friend – to be one step closer to God.

I love Jesus , more than anything in this world. Go anywhere – any place to search – any location you discover – the beauty you found – not going compares to the precious name of Jesus. Did I find it in religion ? No at all. The beauty around you –the love of people – to serve others and be an active member of body of Christ makes it more beautiful than before.

I remember the times I fell down – the times of trial and challenges. But now I realise even there ” my precious Jesus ” were. Look ahead to a bright future in the tough times , it is a taste of heaven. If God can do – you can do it. If He believes in you , you also can believe in Him. Faith is a necessity weapon of our life here.  Faith is given to me and you to know there is a place which there is no pain. That we can have hold on to unseen things- That we know here is not the end of our story.


Sometimes beautiful things comes out of the ugly things. People wondering around and do not have answer for improper things of life but remorse the answer is Love. If we deeply love each other we got our answer from heaven. If we deeply respect to each other opinions we are respecting God in heaven. Our God is not the God of division but unity. He loves to grab you by His love as he created you by His love.

Love is a start point of shining. It is removing our ungodliness. It is making us humble as a holy child of God on earth. Learning How Jesus loves others – How he speaks to us that is the way when we can love an unlovable and forgive them beyond our human ability. Love is an evidence of God on this earth. In another word , it is an evidence to a conscious heart.

What this Precious Jesus do mean us?

1-Jesus is Love. He loves you greatly and beautifully. A level of Love that you even can not imagine it.

2- Jesus is all Powerful. He is able , when He is able , I am able also. So through him I can do all things.

3- Jesus is our King , Our God , Our Saviour. We do have a king which he is our friend too. A God that never forsaken us. He saved us forever in Him.

4- Jesus is Real. He is a person. He is real , He exist . He is not a “if” , He is a ” definitely ” . He is the meaning of our life.


And many more.


Precious Jesus – Can change your life. He is not far away . He is right there in your room, in your heart.

Our knowledge can not save us. Our power can not help us. But Precious Jesus Can.

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh


I choose to be… 

Having not internet at home is such a pain these days and  more worse is to not finding your laptop charger around! With all limitation I choose and made decision to update my blog by my little smartphone. Became something in my heart burning to tell you all. I believe and trust this post will inspire and speak to many. 

I am trying to live as an obedient child. I learnt that my so many hard work , my so many lot doing for God not changing and moving God’s but obedience does. I haven’t born in a really good world but in a true mess up world. But the spirit of God changing me inside out to know what is good and what is evil. Freedom to choose whatever I want. But I went more mile to discover the danger of me. God is simple. The reason I learnt more from God because I obeyed his command and the reason I learnt less of God became I disobey his will for my life. 

The truth is this : He wants to Make us in his image. Choosing the good,refusing the evil. 

George Macdonal in his knowing  The heart of God says ” For the Godhead is still at the root , is the making the root of our individuality…He made our wills , and is striving to make them free” 

God will make your will free my friend. We don’t need to be someone else . We don’t need to change our individuality or characteristic according to this that may others love us more. The matter is this who made you in this way , it will look after your feelings , mind and heart and soul. 

I am hungry to tell you the truth as I am passing the journey hard, But carrying the cross in my hardest time kept me fresh. Your choice is not others mistakes. My choice is not depends on my yesterday’s but depends on Him. We need to learn hold Him fast when the wrong things knocking the door and we can’t recognise what’s the truth? Our society going mad instead of holding Faith they are arming their own foolish will and thinking going the right Way. Don’t we know God never changes his mind ? Or whenever is sin God is not there. There for with all madness around I choose to do the will of God. I choose to be in Him . I choose to shine and Love in truth. I choose to be beautiful and strong as my Saviour Jesus. I choose to listen to my good shepherd voice. I choose to take risk and not to fear and live a life for him. I choose to choose God my father to obey him even it seems impossible because I know and I believe He will deliver me.

” Will his will. Say to him : My God , I am  very dull and low and hard. But you are wise and high and tender,and you are my God. I am your child . Do not forsake me. Then fold the arms of your Faith, and wait in quietness for a new revelation till the light comes into your heart” . 

May I am geographically miles and miles away from you now. But God is so close to you as I am praying for you. Also Praying for Australia as the decision days coming closer what ever outcome be , I pray God’s will come and one day Jesus return again and all the truth will be revealed. It is never late to come back home :

I Choose to back to image of God live in that way …

For those God foreknew<span class=”crossreference” data-cr=”#cen-NIV-28146A” data-link=”(A)” style=”font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; vertical-align: top; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;”> he also predestined<span class=”crossreference” data-cr=”#cen-NIV-28146B” data-link=”(B)” style=”font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; vertical-align: top; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;”> to be conformed to the image of his Son,<span class=”crossreference” data-cr=”#cen-NIV-28146C” data-link=”(C)” style=”font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; vertical-align: top; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;”> that he might be the firstborn<span class=”crossreference” data-cr=”#cen-NIV-28146D” data-link=”(D)” style=”font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; vertical-align: top; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;”> among many brothers and sisters(Romans 8:29).


Jesus Think About Me

I am bringing up this topic that we can together rethink about that Jesus is really thinking about us. Before going deep into it , I just want to make it clear for you that I assume you believe Jesus , and what He said about Himself . I assume you believe in authority to who He is and what He can do for us. With this belief ahead i am going to illustrate about this topic.

Before the creation of the planet which we call’ the world ‘ . God had planed in Hid mind and heart to make us in His image. Not only make us to be there and do nothing. Or be couple of idles we stand there or only look after what God made . He made us to have a good relationship with Him and this will happen through the lesson of obedience. But obedience was a heavy stuff for us . We could not carry it right within us and figure it like a righteousness. Our righteousness reached to failure because we have not been honest in Heart. God , who was existed before us. Who made us. knew the heart of men which is going to rebellion.  Most of people getting wrong the idea of rebellion. Rebellion means disobedience . It does not mean ‘ I am free whatever i do ‘. If i create something today , i expect at least have some benefit for mine! But God did not make us to have some benefit for Himself or the circle of love He is . He did it out of His love.

Out of His love God sent His begotten Son to us . To show us , still He loves us . Saying you still in ,not far away.


We are doing our own way . We are busy with the small stuff of this seen things , and we forgot what we are originally came from. The Kingdom of God is far beyond what we thought to be. The Kingdom of God is found in broken heart. The Kingdom of God is found in small things which is hidden in your heart.  And this is exactly the heart of Jesus’ teaching. Every where Jesus went , he said believe it you receive it.

Jesus is thinking about you , He is praying for you. He is deeply and lovingly , loves you. 

He is not only thinking about you , also he is acting for you.

” for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. ” [ Philippians 2 : 13 ]

You need to remind yourself who is in control! Is it your mind ? is it your situation? Or trusting and believing that God who made everything is in control. I am trusting in Him because He thinks for me. When He thinks for me the game will change around now I  have the mind of Christ. It means I will have the heart of Christ. Than I will know the heart of Father . Which the Holy Spirit helps me. Because you are in order of obedience. You are not stick to opinion or ideas but you are living the Christ on the earth.

My heavenly Dady gives me strength to stand like the rock!

God’s Character is awesome. He is not man mind created. To give us peace , love or the things we can not be satisfied on the earth. He is real. When I am talking about that God thinks for you, means a lovely PERSON thinks for you. It means a person who made you thinking how is going to be closed to you. Because our souls needs His presence. If our heavenly Dady were not thinking about us , we would not be here where we are now!

If I am discouraged that no body thinking about me or no body cares, I am in good place. Because our Father promised that He will be always with us and never leave us alone. Have joy , because He thinks and cares for you. me and you , are unique in His heart. There is so much in it , There is so much in God’s love you can take which you can not take in any human’s love. Father says if you make me your first love. If only.


What He sees in us is :

You are valuable.

You are loved. 

You are Mine.

You are Won.

You are Cared. 

You are my Love.

Yes, He sees all those in you , Indeed You are! That is the enemy works that want to sow the seed of ‘ No, you’re not ‘. We break it in JESUS ‘ NAME.  You are the son of most high. You are for Jesus.

Read this from Joyce Meyer Knowing Who I Am in Christ.

“Our relationship must be right with God before it can be right with man.” – Billy Graham

Be hunger for God , for his presence and know that He thinks for you. If you do not know the answer , if you are confused , if you are in a situation that do not know what to do next , simply ask Him and know that He thinks for you and act it in right time.



Written By Dariush Youkhaneh





2017 – He Will Make a WAY

I know you had a hard year. But this does not mean you are going to have the same year as past. God knows your heart and He searches it. The framework of Christianity is; we believe a God He is alive and active in His people’s life. It is not for make a frame and hang it on the wall. The Bible is full of promises of God.

Love of God make a way ; even it seems there is no way.

When God opens the door who is able to shut it . When He promises to You, It is yours no one can steal it from you. Have Faith . Still He will make a way for you. A new day coming; a new year’s coming. Just open your mouth and say Thank you Lord. Let your heart shout with thanking God. There is no reason for you to not believe in it. Build your faith in Him and let your heart be full. You are part of God’s plan, Be thirsty to be in His presence and in every step He will show you what to do next.

Have Hope , There is always a new day. Always a way that God can provide for you. The humans may help you , may hurt you , may love you and may hate you. But your creator never leave you or forsake you.


Jesus is praying for you. He is thinking for you. It means He is in love with you. Are you worry about How he is going to accept me? Let HE figure it out for you. You just come and give your burdens to Him. Most of us have a problem to not confessing . we really need to do it . Tell to God from zero to 100. Everything happened and/ or you are worry about to happen for you. And let the sovereign Lord deal with it.  God says “I do not call you a servant , I call you friend “. You are the friend of God. You are His. And He is able of ALL. Don’t worry He knows which way is the best one for you.

He is the Door.

For many reason God will make a way for you. I will give it two reasons for you here ( as we are not dictating Him , His grace cover it all )

1- God is Love

Jesus came on the earth to give us life more and more. He had plan for us before the creation of the world , it means He loved us first. That is why He sent His lover Jesus Christ for us on the earth to establish the Father’s love for us. Are you with me?

He is the love and He is the way.

2- He is in love with you

Yes , Not only the nature and characteristic of God is Love. Also He is in love with you personally. He is going to meet your needs individually. Are you serious? The God of universe and everything in it , coming and meeting my needs personally. This is crazy . This is the story of crazy love. Yes it is , He is in love with you and you , because , you are uniquely and wonderfully made in His image.

So believe it in 2017 God will make a way for you. He will open the new doors of greatness for you. You will be healed . You will be whole and you see the wonders of mighty God and You and your surrendering people will glorify Him. You will get strength in Him. You are blessed and everyday of your life will be full of His presence. Trust in Him and know He is with You.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Super Super Love

Yesterday was a special day for the earthly people, the Moon was closer to earth and they said is ‘ super moon ‘ , even in Australia was ‘ super , super moon ‘. The last time this event happened 64 years ago! I couldn’t capture this special moment , when i looked out , the moon was behind the cloud.

main_900Here is Australia , WA , behind the Fremantle War Memorial at Monument Hill on November 14, 2016. They Called it Supper Supper Moon.

Isn’t this beautiful. Isn’t this forever love. The last time was 64 years ago when moon was this much closer.

God made two great lights–the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. ( Genesis 1 : 16 ). He created moon for us. He created to govern it for the night. Look at this , Our God thought for us for everything , even when we are sleeping , His MOON is over top of us like ‘ sleep light lamp ‘. His lighting over us every night. He is thinking for you . You  are not unknown for Him. Because our God is NOT unknown . Believers and non-believers known His greatness. His Moon for every one. Good and bad , fair and unfair , rich and poor.

He is the God of everyone. But Not everyone accepting Him as the God.

He Promised, He will never forsake you. He Made all the things to show you that ‘ you are still His love ‘ and nothing can separate you from it. You are His Supper Supper Love. Did you know that?

For God so Loved the World . God does not hate the World , He loved the World. But think about that . He did not love the empty world. He loved the world because you are in it. Yes he was pleased what He made the things, but He loved the world because you are living in it and you care about His creatures  as well. Because He loved you and me He gave His only Son. Oh Please my dear , ‘ HIS SON’ . Who can give his only one to sacrifice and to rescue us. But God did! For you , For me , For us. That we can believe in Him and receive the eternal life.

With all beauty around , Still God is saying this is nothing , come and i will show you more. believe in me and you will see more , You see the things you have never seen and imagined before. There is a question  here need to be asked. Do you want more?

There is nothing in this world you can or could find to fulfill ‘ this more ‘. But God can do . lift up your head above and see the sky. There is more for you. Jesus came himself  and died for you to say there is more for you. Here you go , for now the Holy Spirit comfort you. I am coming soon and show you my perfect love. You are not living base on your feeling but rather you are living base on His promises in your life. Feeling comes and goes but God’s promises are steady forever in your life. despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.

God , Supper Supper Love is You. God First First Love is You.

Yes , You are the one He pleased. You are the one He cares , You are the one He thinks , You are the one He acts , You are the one He loves , You are the one He Fights , You are the one He knows , You are the one He anoints.

This is the promise which He Himself made to us: eternal life.1 John 2:25


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

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God is..

God is Love and You are in God’s love. When you are in Love of God , You are within Him and when you are within Him Your love get defined.

Love comes from God. The first Love was created and designed into us through the breath of God. The love of God already been designed in You. You have been loved already. If you want to know God , does love. That’s the way we know the love of God through His Son. The true love is not the world’s love. Even it is not here and there . The only true love is God’s love for us.

The true love covers many mistakes and sin and shame. There is no condemnation in it. If I truly love you, I do not want you to be hurt in anything. I want to protect you and show you the way. When we love each other God lives in us. If you live in love, God lives in you. There is no fear in love when its fountain is from Him. because His perfect love takes away fear. If you have fear in Love , your love is not made perfect in Him yet!

How do you become perfect in His love?

Be still. Let his spirit  break you inside and make a new perfect design of you. One Step each time close to Him. Know Him, Walk with Him and learn from Him. He teaches you about Himself. You can take one step more when you love your neighbour. Are you close enough to Him? If yes , what is the first picture of Him comes into your heart!


God is Love.

He is a Kind King  , a friend and a father you can lean on Him. His wonders are everywhere. When we call Him King. It does not mean He is on throne doing nothing. NO. He is loving kindness will be put in you. Who do you need to love today ? Who do you need to forget today? Do it , and take one step closer to Him.

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”  – Mother Teresa

If you love people , you have time to know God.

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” – Elbert Hubbard

God knows about you and He still love you.

” Father , I pray the perfect Love of You be rooted to whoever reads this message. Let them grow in You and know you , who you are because you are Love. In your name . Amen ”


Written by Dariush Youkhaneh



Sweet LOVE

My three posts in this blog are base on LOVE topic you can read it:

1- Love on the way

2- Unending love

3- God’s love = ∞

Why is love so important in our life.  I believe Love is everything. Because in the heart of our God is Love. You can melt the mountain by Love. Love breath into dead life and make it alive. Love is centre of your life. Love is like fountain that gives you fresh water. You feel alive. Love gives you life. Love gives other life too.

What is Love? Love is kind . Love is patient . Love is comfort. Love is confidence. Love is humble. Love honours others. It will rejoice to see others happiness. Love will delight in good and rejoice again with the truth. Love record the rights. Love is hope. Love is truth. Love makes and creates peace. Love is freedom.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. ( 1 Corinthians 13 : 4-8 )

This love never fails .

Are you with me? My dear friends He did all and more than these to us by Jesus.

Jesus is Love. And His love is yours.

If I have a perfect believe and do huge miracles and in everything be carful and do all right things but IF I do not have LOVE , I did nothing.

roses photos
Love is soft.

Love is everything.

When you truly Love God and go deep in Him,  you’re changed and changing others.

Love do not mind for which type you are. Love do not separate but dresses the wounds. God is Love because He is the source of Love. His love to us never be ended. And you are loved to. because you have been formed in his love. He created you by love.

I encourage you today . Put the love of father first and ahead in your life. Is there any area in your life you need add Love. I am sure will be some area so do I . Let love of God surpass all.

Love your family . Love your wife and husband . Love your mum and dad. Love your kids. Love your city . Love God and yourself and others.

Love , Love , Love.




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh




God’s love = ∞

Most of us do not have patience enough in our life. We scare to face the mountain of the problems and looking for a way to scape and we all have some situations in our life somehow could not be bothered. Not only that it is like a trigger , if again something like that happened we are not there.  When Adam and Eve they sinned against the command of God, they could not stay and they fled from presence of God. They could not face their issue. because the disobedience was greater than forgiveness for them.

The reason we can not solve the problem because we are fleeing from them. God want us to be still see how wonderfully he acts.

Do not flee from your problems , stay and know there is a God. Have faith. Even you are feeling the pain of the issues breaking you down. Stay till end because victory has been given you already , do not you know that Jesus said ” I have overcome the world” . Be strong. God is faithful. Does not matter what test or trail comes on your way his unfailing love never be changed , never be shaken. His promises are greater than any problems you are facing, His presence is holy than any other presences. Meditate on his decrees. Cry at his feet, it is okay.

David says : ” My comfort in my suffering is this : Your promises preserves my life .”(Psalm 119:50)

2016-01-15 16.39.49

He knows our fainting hearts but we won the battle. What we do? seeking his face. We seek his face oh He is a good God , a loving Father, a king who served us. Let us face whatever  our obstacle is and in reality of His presence we live a life of legacy , a life of peace, a life of purpose and a life of hope.

Do not be scared what is or what would be your problem, Do not focus on it. Greater is His love. You have an eternal life in Him. Do not you know this life is only temporarily. Do not you know you are a citizen of heaven.

” My soul faint with longing for your salvation,


I have put my hope in your word.

My eyes fail, looking for your promise. ”

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. There is nothing in this world greater than His love. greater than his Love. I hate wrong path. I gain understanding from your precepts.

I Meditate on your precepts.

Love of God is infinite toward you regardless of your mistakes. God did not mistake , He created you in His image. Turn way your face from issue to his face , you will see better who you are in Him. When we realised that than:

God’s love = ∞

the issue = empty set –> {}

Nothing compares to his infinite love.

We are waiting for a better life in Him- An eternal life with Him. You are temple of His. You are carrying his image. So If you fix your eyes to Him,  than your problem and issue will be eliminated and see it is nothing at all. Our biggest sin is washed by blood of Christ.

Don’t you know you are not your own?For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body. This land even is not yours. This problem is not yours so why you are bothering yourself. This house is not yours. This car , stuff on this earth are not yours. This money is not yours. But the love of your Father is Yours. His arms is yours. His hope and plan is yours. His kindness and greatness and peace is yours. His presence is yours. His home is yours.

written by Dariush Youkhaneh