What We Can not | What God Can not

We are limited in word and action. We can not contain all knowledge of the world in our little brain. If we do , our brown-cells-brain will be blast. We can do certain things in certain times , we can be only in one place at ONCE.

We can not fly with our own hands , we can not read the minds and heart of people. Although we want to do it . But we are limited to do so.

My little brain can not handle How god is big!

We will be tired very soon. But God can not be tired. That is why we need Him to give us strength when we are tired of this fight. Honestly , we are human and not able take many jobs together , even sometimes saying God i can not handle it , He is there. Because God can not take a job that He can not handle it , He is so big . Our problems and storms may it be so so huge but For Him , is not!

I am not frustrated because i can not do the simple things simple. I am tired of that the simple things makes me tired!


Let me be very honest to my self I am not HOLY at all. Although trying to be. But God can not be unholy , His characteristic. The way He lives , His mighty presence automatically shows me , i am not that Holy He is. But even with that we are cleanse ours with the Blood of Christ , than, He can make us right and perfect. How many time i broke my promise . I can not keep my promise firm most of the time , But God can not break a promise , Which , this makes my heart overjoy because even i am weak and can not keep what i said , He is still there for me and faithful. The funny thing is here , even i sin , He chosen to forget me and wash me by his perfectness and holiness presence . Even I can not win the battle , I know i am not a loser because my God can not make a loser and i am included in triumph in Christ. It means

I am a   m o r e  than  a  victor er.


Is not this beautiful? even sometimes i am a bad boy (in my dady-eyes ) still He loves me and cares for me . Even i feel there is nothing around . Even i feel i am away from Him thousands stars more But HE IS THERE because God can not abandon me. When simply no one cares I know and i know He can not stop thinking about me and loving me.

His power and awesomeness never be ended because He is worthy of all.

Even with my limitation but God can not be limited.

Knowing that anything I can not do , God is able to do more than even i imagine.




Written By Dariush Youkhaneh



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