Between the valley of trouble and the door of Hope

Have you ever felt you are between something? That you are not for either side?

In this world you will be in trouble and you wont have a real rest. Jesus said they are going to hate you as they hate me. They are not going to accept you. They are putting you in a great sorrow. This came long ago a picture from Hosea. In book of Hosea,  God told him go and married a unfaithful women named ‘Gomer’ . I am wondering who is your Gomer. I am amazed what trouble is in your way. We all have a Gomer ( means not women , but sin and pain and sorrow) in our life. Which this life offers to us. But what is God is saying to us. ” But again i am going to rescue you. Again i am going to call you by Name.”

Sometimes the door of hope is disappeared because of the fog of trouble covered it.


But , Now , We are between the valley of Achor ( trouble)  and the door of Hope. May there is only one step to that door. May we are only in middle of in our troubles and trails. God says do not give up. Just walk , walk with your fears , walk with your insecurity , walk with your troubles until you find the door of hope. Your Gomer of life have no power on you. Your problems have no authority over you.  You will sing as in the days of your youth. You are going to have joy. Understand that may you are not there yet , If you found the door of Hope  you know what i am talking about. Suddenly all your inequities, unholiness , unfaithfulness change over to Holy , Joy , Hope and love. Find what is your Gomer and stand firm and use the authority of name of Jesus till to reach to Him.

“I will remove your hardship and sorrows and pains” God said. And I will put on your lips the songs of worship and joy . I will always love you. And i will give you rest and peace.

We need a Little bit more endurance.

a little bit more faith.

a little bit more love. a little bit more perseverance.


I am not perfect. I am unable to do the things with my own understanding. This is my confession. ” His perfectness will remove my imperfectness. ”

“I will betroth you to me forever; I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion.” [ Hosea 2 : 19 ]

I am proud to where-ever i am in my life, because i am going to glorify Him in my situation, right now!

I am astonish of this love . I am surprise of his greatness . I am so so thankful for this. I will give thanks and praise to my God forever and ever. Because He is my savior . He is my helper in the time of trouble , He is my comforter in the time of sorrow. I am greatly have joy to have Holy Spirit as my guidance and supporter and counselor.

I am thankful that i can find you in mid of my pains. That i am able to see the door of hope. That i can walk with you pass the valley of darkness. That i can trust in you only. My soul will rejoice in this. My all being will stir up and fly in you , in the deepest of you my Jesus i will rest. That is my desire to be with you forever , there is freedom in your presence , there is love in you.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Read Hosea 1, 2.


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